Monday, September 7, 2009


Confidence in this next Half Marathon is wavering; Ive not trained like a good little runner, all of my runs are slower, and Im only running better now thanks to the better running weather. I dont think my training is going to prepare me for a long run in 5 little weeks. I need to keep better track.

So after spending Saturday not doing tonnes, I did get out for my long, Slow Distance run on Sunday. (LSD, get it?) I did 12 km on the trail from Scott's parents house to the highway and back (and a little further because it wasnt far enough). Its pretty flat out there and I didnt go that fast but it was..doable. For now. 1 hour, 20 minutes, 34 seconds (ish. Im not sure exactly because I cannot remember and the watch is too far away.)

Funny things of interest:

I ran slower this week and took fewer walk breaks (hmm) and my 10 K time was only 1 minute slower than when I tried to run it harder and had to walk a few times. Granted the wind was less.

5 K time was still over 33 minutes. I just cannot seem to keep it any lower.

No matter how I was feeling, when I had to run past the trail back to the house to add on another 1.2 km, I felt like death. THAT is all mental.

Very large numbers of people on the trail on sunny sunday mornings. Funny, there were some joggers and I think this one girl I met as soon as I hit the trail thought she almost caught me peeing. She smirked. I was only coming down from the InLaws house and hadnt peed yet. In fact I made it the whole run. Good thing since there were so many PEOPLE! She ran faster and so did this guy who passed me; but then the two of them turned around and ran back. Hell if I were running 4 km or so, I could run faster too! Nee Ner.

We'll see how 14 km feels next week.

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