Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Excellent Tuesady Night run

in week 8 of the training program; Tuesday night was a 4.5 mile run. Went late at almost dark; did this in town since Id wasted so much time and knew it was going to get dark before I was finished. It was pretty warm out!
NOt a lot of elevation on either the trail or the roads I was running on so it was a fairly good test of maintaining speeds. The first couple of km were fairly fast but surprisingly I was able to keep it up and had a 5 km time of 31:30 minutes which was my fastest sicne last spring. Finished the 7.2 km in 46:09 minutes which means I kept up the speed to the end; Its nice to see Im starting to be able to pick up a pace and keep it consistently for longer times :) and it was fairly effortless; not completely but I didnt feel completely wrecked by the time I got home! Pretty good!

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