Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cobequid Trail 10 K Race

I couldnt see how this was going to go off. Tropical Storm Danny blew through NS at the time of the race and all night before. I didnt sleep. I felt like crap. It was raining. Sideways.
but we braved the weather all the same, and headed out to run this thing in the rain and the wind. The wind. OMG the wind.

The rain stopped. Gotta say that was amazing timing. Yay. But the wind did not, and the trail was pretty muddy.
But it was ok. It was the wind.
I went out way too fast. Did the first km in about 5:32 and the second by 11:55. Those are fast km. When you get in that crowd it is hard to not get carried away and IM way out of shape unfortunately.
Got into a rhythm after that and kept a consisten 6:20 ish pace. It was pretty humid and warm but could have been worse. The wind blew into our faces the entire 5 km out on the trail to the turn around. Then it was like heaven. Wind at our backs, no more taking away of breath, no more running backwards.
The second 5 km wasnt too bad despite the tired. But getting back to the start was a welcome site.
As you are coming up to it you can hear the announcer yelling encouragement and the music blasting. And then I hear my name...he is calling my name. ;) I look ahead and there is little Amy and Laurel waiting and cheering for me! They both got to cheer my name over the mike! TOO CUTE!

MY Deb was waiting at the finish got to LOVE her with the camera and water and welcomes and congrats SO good of her! LOVE her!

Here I come feeling very strong

And finishing up with an effort! lol Yes that is my official time there on the screen :)

94 3846 Teri-Lynn Masters Murray Siding NS CA 17/21 F2039 1:06:03 6:37

Not better than the 10K time at the Bluenose Marathon 10K. But much better than last year at the Trail run when I had the flu.

Talked to a few friends then picked up the kids and went home as I wasnt feeling so well...often like a lay down when done.

(to note Chris has a really good run....went home to his family and then began his own marathon of hope and healing that continues even now. Thinking of you, buddy. )

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Amy said...

The race looks so cool and the trail is so exciting. Great job!!!


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