Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Midweek struggles

Ugh. lol theme for this training period is ugh.

Got out for a run tonight. Not ideal, it was after supper and I swear I could feel my meal every single step, but its done. Started at the pool and ran home, 8 km to Glenabbey. uphill for last 1.5 ish km. ALL the way up the hill. So the last km was slower than the previous 7 had been. Im ok with that. 53 minutes for the run.

Running is different now; the temps can still be higher...15 c...but the humidity is down and the air feels a lot cooler. It makes running much easier but also I never know what to be wearing lol. Fall is definitely in the air. Leaves are falling off the trees and coasting to the ground; they are laying on the sidewalks and crunching. Dark is coming really early AND it is staying dark in the morning very late. This is my least favorite thing about fall. Dark is depressing. Sometimes it is really hard to get out running when Im just mentally not in a place to do anything at all. Yes I always feel better when Im done, but getting out there can be like pulling teeth. SIGH.

PLanning a quick 5 km run tomorrow between classes. Scott is away for a few days and I wont have a lot of free time til he gets home. Sigh Sigh.

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