Sunday, September 13, 2009

LSD Sunday

Slow start to the morning after a really late night of drinking ;) but its all good. Got out shortly after 11 and was surprised how HOT it was. Yeah it is threatening rain but it was really super hot. and Humid. I had no idea lol. Thank goodness the sun didnt shine too much. That would have been brutal.

A lot of uphill in the first 2 km then rolling hills for another 3 km. Downhill for a km then flat and then more uphill for 2 more km. lol then rolling until almost home; last 2 km were gradual uphills. By the time I got to the top of WMR I was pretty much shuffling. But I went all the way to the top to get in the 14.4 km needed (9 miles).
Noticing changes in gait that started fairly early (IMO) like about 8 km. Rougher and more jarring. Need to work on keeping it smooth.

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