Saturday, September 5, 2009

Evening Walk with more meaning than you can imagine

Friday instead of making it out for a run We went for a walk instead. A special walk.

After the race last Sunday, my friend Chris went home to his family and had a very bad brain bleed. It was termed catastrophic and there was no hope. This was the news I heard first, and it was unexpected and shocking. I heard later that he was not dead but was instead on life support waiting for Organ Donation to begin. This isnt really any better. I thought about all of the things I had never said to Chris that I should have; what a great friend he was, how much I enjoyed talking to him and how much I appreciated it when he supported my running and ran with me. Even when I was much slower and could go much shorter distances.
Chris wouldnt accept the death sentence; He has defied the odds not to die, and has a chance of a good quality of life once his healing is further along. He didnt die, he instead improved and surgery was performed that has saved him. but his struggle isnt over; he faces many challenges now and in the future. Only time will tell the story of this miracle. His story is being told on a blog set up by his family - Marathon of Hope.

Friday night friends and family gathered for a Hope Run (walk, whatever). It was a time for people to come together and get news, comfort each other, and do something productive that would help the family in the months to come. We went and took the kids and walked it for CHris. And Im going to join the challenge to run every day he is healing to continue his streak of thousands of days. Might be difficult today with the blisters I developed last night during the walk (weird huh?) but its nothing in comparison lol

Walked 6.5 km.

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