Sunday, September 20, 2009

LSD Sunday this week

Whew.Scott's been away and its been hard to get motivated. Did spend Friday as a rest day; owed Saturday 8 km but didnt get out at it and only ran a little ways for Chris. Sunday tho was long run day.

Got up and coughing with chest cold/stuffed up with allergies. took Tylenol Cold and also some generic Allergy formula. Together. Bad idea. Mom left with the kids to deliver them to church and drama, and I finished my coffee and contemplated my 16 km run route. Then I felt dizzy and sick and cold and weak....very suddenly. So I climbed into the bed for 10 minutes. And ventured back out an hour 20 later. UIgh. Didnt so much sleep as shiver and be nauseous.

Then it passed and I got up and did the 16 km route through Bible Hill and Truro back to home.

I actually didnt get the 16 km because mom was concerned and came to find me; I didnt think the last .3 km would make much difference in the long run LOL.
Its a really hilly route but none of the hills seemed that bad today. It was actually a really nice run!

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