Monday, July 7, 2008

July 7

Been doing a few runs on the trail since last week, taking the kids sometimes on their bikes. Getting fairly far; have issues with the trail being too flat, I am sure its going to kick my ass to run on hills.
its also gotten far too hot most of the time for running with the kids. They complain a lot lol.
I got up early this morning (ok earlt for me) and was running by 8 am and since the fog has not burnt off it was tolerable. I ran down the streets and over some nice gravel by the train tracks to get some different terrain. I also ran sets of 11, and only had to alter one for darned stop lights (I dont like running in town, it wrecks my stride lol)
I think getting outta bed and running straight away is nasty. I had a sore back and my left hip was Brutal painful almost the entire time. I need some get up and move around time.
I like running in the morning tho. It is nice.

I didnt get out of breath at all, wonderful running when the air is cooler and clear. I did however struggle with the aching body. Im getting too old for all this. I can, tho, see the 10 K in sight. :D

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