Monday, June 23, 2008

june 23 08

Havent had a great time since the Johnny Miles run lol
Im still sick and Scott went away and I have reached the point where if I dont keep forcing myself to run, I could very easily stop now. Its not that I dont want to go, just that it is taking time and effort and things are very busy and its hot and Im still having this cough and If I dont make time and force myself to make that time, it can get lost with so many other things we have to be doing :( I worry that without extra effort the running will go by the wayside.
Anyway I did go for a run last Thursday with Holly on her bike, my first since the JM run because Scott went away and things were just so hectic with soccer and ball hockey and everything, running didnt happen until Thursday and it got very hot as soon as I went out lol figures, chilly all day before that. I did 3 runs of 8 minutes with 1 in between and only walked 2 at the start and end, but it was a little tough.
On the weekend Scott and i went away to Inginish to see Rob and Lavinia run in the Heart of the Highlands Triathlon, and gained a whole new respect for those athletes as tho I didnt have respect before. they work really hard! I would never (ok never say never) do one of those, but I have considered how we could manage a team triathlon, with someone doing the swim, bike, and run all separately. It could be kinda fun.

So I came home again with a few tips and some inspiration and started back at it again, tonight running with the family, and I think it went well. For one, I think I ran faster than I had before. Not a lot, we are not talking Olympic running or anything lol but I went the time ive gone before, and got a lot further. And did some walking as well.
I started out at Willow street like we usually did, and walked 5 minutes to warm up, then ran 3 sets of 10 minutes run with 1 minute walk between, and made it all the way to the road to Old Barns. And ran back again. Holly kept right up with me on her bike.

It was a good run and now I need to keep it up; and if I intend to run a 10 K, I better start adding kilometers lol!

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AliP said...

You're my hero. I am constantly cheering you on from way over here. I'm EVEN hard could it be? which is always painful and deangerous for me.

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