Monday, June 9, 2008

At the end of April, 08, I started running. Something I have not done since the days of College Woodsmen when we were forced to run the streets of Truro without any training, running tips and hints, or a clue what we were doing.
Ive started again, the right way I hope, and now Im on my way to enjoying the run.

I couldnt believe it when I tried out for the Woodsmen team the first time. I wanted to chop wood and throw axes. I did not want to run! That was something I avoided like the plaque in high school and absolutely hated. It was not fun, it was an escape tactic. Ive never been particularly sporty anyway, just wanted to play a college sport. We get to try outs and the coach is like....ok go run. RUN! Omg. I dont want to do this!
I totally struggled through the first few runs. Coach Rick would say go run to THIS road and that was how far we would go that night. The worst were when we sprinted, lining up and running together, the last person in line runs to the front and we continue this way all over the campus. UGH it was awful and I couldnt keep up.
Then I kinda happened across something I could handle. It was running, yes, but I almost could have walked faster. It was more like shuffling. Carefully putting one foot in front of the other squarely so that my knee didnt hurt. And I could do it for much longer. That is how I survived Woodsmen running. It was likely very good for us, but some tips would have helped. I hear, the teams long before us ran around corn fields. IN their workboots.

I even ran the Octoberfest 5K run. Twice. The first year I managed to finish. Not last. the second year I shaved 5 minutes off my time and actually did much better.

But after I left AC I didnt take up running again. I tried a few times but didnt enjoy it and didnt want to keep it up. Ya kinda gotta want to do something like that.

This year I played hockey. In the winter. And I kinda thought this would be a good time to become fit again. Ive let it go while the kids were little, i mean, a meaningful fitness plan requires a lot of dedication when you have little kids because the time you have to eke out each workout is tiny. Ever even tried to WALK with kids? Its more like a stroll from one puddle to the next. It doesnt raise your heart beat above a nap.

So I started going to Curves with Sarah. And we have had fun there. Ive started toning muscles long not used. But its not exactly a hard workout. Doesnt really get the heart pumping. To this date Ive lost 15.5 inches all over my body. Im very happy about that! After years of being a slug, its nice to be active again.

After a month of working out and 5 inches gone, Im not seeing a whole lot of changes here. Feeling good but not seeing much difference. Clothes still fit same, looks same. This is a really bad photo, I dont think I looked this bad lol

After 2 months working out, and just started running. Starting to see some pleasing differences. Running going well, lost a pound, 5 more inches, and clothing maybe a little looser.

After 3 months of working out and 5 weeks of running, seeing big changes now. And I think it is all due to the running! lol Lost 7.5 pounds, 5.5 more inches, and now running 8 minute intervals. Its going great!

So this blog will detail the running and some of the things I hope to accomplish with running this year! For example our first 5K run is this coming weekend :) the Johnny Miles run in New Glasgow! Wish me well!

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