Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Johnny Miles 5K Run

Was run today.
I had a rough week with the cough and my runs werent good, I didnt get out Thursday or Friday and Saturday I did a short run to Curves rather than running far, so I kinda started out today feeling stiff and sore.
We attended a wedding last night of my cousin. Luckily it was near New Glasgow where the Johnny Miles is run. We still had to get up early but we had Grammy come to the cottage to stay with the kids, and Scott and I headed over to the run.

the weather was drizzly and cool. Cold almost. Perfect for a run I think!

First thing we did was grab a banana and head to the Race Kit pick up. Then I picked up the timer, and had a wait. I planned to find Sarah and waited by the Gazebo for her.

We were surprised to see Chris C who was running the full marathon. This surprised me because although I knew Chris has been running a long long time, I didnt know he was doing Marathon lengths. He ended up finishing 23rd, out of 108 people running the full marathon!

Sarah and Laura found us and we hung out after that, warming up, going to the portapotties two times, and checking out other runners. There was a fellow in a pink skirt. We can only imagine why. Lost a bet? Laura ran the 10 K.

We saw Leanne, Delaine, Tera, and Helen.
Ran into Rob and Lavinia who were both doing the half marathon. Lavinia and her sore knee finished first lol!

Saw a friend from college I have not seen since we graduated.
Saw a lot of folks from Truro.
Saw Lori L from our Ball Hockey team:) HEY LORI! GREAT JOB!

We ran up the course a little ways to warm up, but headed right back to the potties hehehe nerves!

Then we went to the starting line.
It was a long wait for the race to begin. They lined everyone up and started at different times, so we had to wait until the 10 K started. The wait was hard on us, I kept warm by bouncing. Scott disappeared; I wanted him to take my coat but he wasnt around lol He was placed to take some starting photos!

At the start of the 10K run, Scott looked for Laura but didnt find her anywhere.

Our run went up a hill first, following the road. We ran about 2K on the road before turning in our 5 K onto a trail that followed beside the river. That was a nice place to run, not too hilly and very pretty. I walked for about 30 seconds when my calves got tight at about 12 minutes in, and then ran again because I felt loose and was breathing easy.

Gotta say tho, as nice as it was to see so many kids running, it was very irritating to be running with them. They tended to run really fast and pass you, then stop right in front of you. And when they were walking on the trail, which wasnt that wide, they were wandering around, walking three across, swinging arms around...I tripped over more than one and had to ask at least 3 to "excuse me" so I could get past. Things that break my concentration arent always welcome.Dont get me started on strollers.

This trail continued back to the starting area, went under the bridge, and down the back side of the park. This was a little more than half way.
Scott waited here to catch more photos. Sarah was looking pretty strong at this point.
I was glad to see him! I really wanted to leave him my coat lol. After going under the bridge which was slippy, I was feeling a little tired.I actually stopped to walk for another 30 after the bridge because I was thinking there was a lot of race left and I likely should; I didnt really feel like I needed to. Not winded and no stitch in my side which had bothered me all week. I had a coughing fit just before the bridge and was feeling a little shakey. Getting rid of the coat, as little as it weighed, actually made me feel a lot better.
Heading up the trail past the park at about 25 minutes, I was feeling pretty good! Easy stride, comfortable breathing, felt like I could have gone forever lol! Been looking for that feeling all week!

After the turn on the second loop we were back on the road and heading for the finish line. The road way was nice, there were a lot of people cheering and it was nice and level.

You couldnt see the finish line a long way away because of a corner and that was likely good. I sprinted the last long ways, it felt good to do that.

I dont feel nearly as ragged as I looked lol. I like the end of the race!

At the end they totally call your name as you finish, nab your timing chip, give you a medal and a water, and you are done. !
And I was very happy to be done! lol I thought the race kicked ass! Hahahah

I finished the 5K in 32:39 minutes. I do believe this is better than my college times. I dont really remember the second year lol.

158 1138 Teri-Lynn Masters 41/62 F3039 33:11 32:39 6:32

I finished 158/220 people so I didnt come last which was really my goal. Finished 41/62 in my division of old ladies hehehe
Averaged 6:32 minutes per km.
These are the times and places I intend to work towards improving as I run more this year.

the venue as we were leaving and walking back across the bridge. There were 1400 people there today I believe! it was so well run, except for the bathrooms there was never a wait or a problem! AWESOME event!


AliP said...

I am so proud of you. YAY Teri!!!!

erica922 said...

WOW Teri, that's amazing!!!!!! Love seeing you running :):)

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