Tuesday, June 10, 2008

April 08 Learn To Run Club

At the urging of a good friend I joined this Learn to Run club. Couldnt be a better way to run. Im sure. lol
We met once a week to run as a group, and talked about things like nutrition, running techniques, stretches afterwards. And we started with running 1 minute repeats. OH it wasnt hard hahaha I kinda thought it was a bit funny, it wasnt tiring at all. I would run with the club, then go straight to Ball Hockey practice and I wasnt even winded.
The hard part was to only run 3 times a week. I really felt like I wanted to run more, but was willing to give the program a chance to work without messing up.
Week 2, we were running 2 minutes and walking 3. Still easy.
Week three, we were doing 3 minute repeats. The kicker here was instead of walking the 3 or 4 minutes from previous weeks, our walk period went to 1 minute. That was hard. Running 3 minutes was ok, but only walking 1 minute was a switch. I actually found it easier to do this alone, rather than with the group, with my music turned up and going my own speed.

Week 4, up to 4 minute repeats. Still not too hard.

Week 5, we were running 6 minute repeats, but less of them. This was the week my allergies kicked in, and I realised how hard it is to catch your breath when you cannot get a deep breath.

Week 6, the last week. We ran 8 minute runs 3 times, with the minute in between. Now I am starting to see being able to drop the one minute walks occassionally too, because its starting to feel pretty good. We listened to a previous running talk, she was funny and talked about how you get addicted to running. Huh not me.

Did get a cool Certificate tho lol this is for my scrapbook lol!

We decided a week before to go to the Johnny Miles run in New Glasgow, not to win, but to Finish lol. I think we are really close to being there already :) 5K runs I mean. It is hard to tell, Ive mapped out on mapmyrun.com and seems we are already running 5 K quite often.

Weeks 7 and 8 we are now on our own. We`ve met at the same trail to run as a much smaller group, and it went really well IMO. Im feeling really awesome doing these runs. They arent hard and I look forward to it.

This week (8) we are meeting another place to have a change of scenery. I mapped out how far we need to go for our 5 K. We`ll see how far we get with our repeats. Last time I ran, I started 9 minute run 1 minute walk. I actually ran 10 minutes the last time to make up for a time I had to stop and put Annika back on her bike; a few minutes there. Im going to be running 9 minutes for awhile.

This weekend past I came down with a cold. I assumed it was allergies for 2 days but I had to break down and admit to a cold after the sore throat took over. :( A week before our first public run! ugh lol
I have kept up running and even added the 9 minutes but my chest is heavy and Ive got a cough that is embarassing when other people are around its loud and dry and hacking. I really hope it eases up before Sunday; in fact I hope it eases by tonight because we are running togehter again.

Scott has been running as well for about 3 weeks now. He is doing 3 or 4 minute repeats now, I dont know which. its nice that we can do that together and once he catches up, I might actually see him. At the moment we are running at the same time on the same trail lol and the kids bike back and forth between us :)

Something kinda fun and healthy that we can all do together. Taylor ran with me a few times but she isnt up to 8 and 9 minutes lol.

Now if I could figure out how to eat right...

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