Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's been...

14 days since my last post!  14!!  The blogging of the days has not gone so well but the runs are going fine! Well mostly.  Around the weather, we are making it work!

I didnt run or bike on that last Thursday; I think it was just crappy and my house was warm and there is SO much to do on Thursday nights, I just didn't. 

Cross Country Trail at St. FX

Friday was a 4 mile run :) We were in Antigonish for a hockey tournament with Holly so it was an away run;  it was REALLY cold but the sun was out and I took advantage of a lull between games to get out on the streets and trails.  Yeah Trails because much of the snow was melted and refrozen, and it was easy running on trails :) I enjoy getting to run somewhere different!

Saturday morning Hockey was good warmup
Because Saturday afternoon I went for my long run; 19.2 km in the schedule turned into 21 km at -17 yay; but it was sunny and a pleasant run; I felt pretty crappy during part of it when thewind was face on, and felt fine when it wasnt.  I actually called home for a pick up at about 20 km but that ride never came and I did the entire thing.   It was good.  2:17:37 in that cold was totally Hard Core LOL. Pace wasnt great but running in snow and ice is hard work!  I'll take it!

Sunday we were away early for Antigonish again because the girls had somehow managed to come in first in their division and were in the semifinal game.  They won that and went to the final game where they lost in a very long shootout :( it was a hard loss for them :( I actually went for a teensy run but was in a lot of discomfort in the pelvis; it felt like I was broken!  lol was better the next day!

I missed hockey due to the tournament. The weather going home was absolutely terrible; we were happy to be home.  There was a meeting that evening for the Truro Triathlon Club which has become a reality!  :) I am excited about the possibilities this summer with training and completing a triathlon!

Monday as always is nuts at work and no run happened. 

Tuesday I managed to get to 30 minutes of noon hockey, and then later I went for a run; ive no idea where but it was 6.8 km.  :)

Wednesday after a long day of working I met Dara for 5 km and then continued on for 5.6 more, finishing 10.6 and making a huge mistake by forgetting my keys for my office, where my car keys were locked up; I was so cold!  I was lucky when a coworker walked by and let me into the schooll so I could pick up Taylor and get home :)

Thursday was a day off,
Friday morning we were up early to get Taylor on a bus for Quebec; Farthest and longest trip away!  Friday was long run day this week because we were expecting a blizzard on the weekend :) I ran to Toni and in total completed 15.1 km.  and it was COLD.  Theme?  I had a cold coming on and was trying to be kind to it; sort of ;)

Saturday we woke to a lot of snow and blowing so I went back to bed rather than hockey.  I spent some time resting and some time knitting and some time marking assignments, and then finally headed out for some snowshoeing with the kids and friends. 

It was super nice out despite the wind and snow, and we had a great time!  We finished off with supper and then visited friends and played pool all evening ;)

Sunday morning we woke to worse snow than Saturday!  It was heavily snowing and blowing and kept that up all day!  we were tired and cranky, housebound and feeling it!  We helped a friend move a tree from her driveway (OK Scott did, I ate pancakes ;)) and then I had hockey which I played goalie; I sure could have used some higher-intensity exercise that day!  Soccer was cancelled, all of the kids stuff was cancelled so it was a low key weekend. Totally complicates next weekend tho!

Back to Monday!  Which despite a busy day at work and Holly's dryland training in the evening, I managed while Holly had hockey practice to get in a 4 mile run on very dark roads with another hockey mother.  She had a light and we went out 2 miles and back; It was actually very nice! 
Tuesday was a crappy day so I went to the treadmill and watched The Following while running 10.3 km.  It was hilarious because the show was scary and I almost fell off the treadmill a few times when something scared the crap out of me. It was on headphones so I think it was just really loud and sudden which threw me off.  :)

Wednesday after work I met Toni again and we did 8.3 km on some pretty wet puddly sidewalks. Totally soaked shoes.  I love winter in NS. One day its a foot of snow then it's puddles.

So the running is still sort of on target and although slow, none are overly taxing. Its all good! 

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Char said...

Crazy, busy two weeks for you. No wonder you didn't quite get around to blogging. I'm so impressed that you get outside when the weather is so nasty and get what you've got to do done. I read a lot of bloggers just retire to their treadmill.

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