Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mid Week 5 Just keep going

Into the longer runs now, and the plan is still challenging with the weather and the crazy busy schedule we keep.  But it's going well!  Still doing the runs, and had 2 really good ones this week!  :) Then a  total drag on the dreadmill :P  My brain is complete MUSH; I guess that comes with age. 

Last Friday ended up being a day that the Biking in the basement and the Date with Tony Horton did not go.  It's possible that my birthday on Saturday did have a little bit of an effect on my well being.  By the time I got home from a full day of work, the kids and everyone were fighting, it was nasty in the basement, I just felt defeated and crawled into bed.  Mental game was lost that day :(

Saturday woke up feeling "whatever". Like determined that if it was a good day or a bad day, I didnt really care at all.  Its not that simple. But I find birthdays are always stressful; high expectations and then disapointment when its just another day and you still have to clean the floors and pick up after everyone. Morning hockey was fun, it was a good game.  Waffles for breakfast, housework, then off to Annika's hockey game (Holly had a practice).  Annika had a good game; then home again and I ate and got ready for my long run; 11 miles or 17.6 km on the plan. It was pretty cold but had warmed to -8 (not sure windchill) so I dressed warm and headed off.  I ran towards Toni's house and she joined me for the middle half of the run.  I managed to get to sidewalks without being killed, and then it was easy running until the sidewalks ran out but I was only 3 km from home by then. :)
It was sunny and the sun had warmth so it was a nice run!  There were a couple of times when I thought my face might freeze off but then we would turn a corner and I would get some relief.   It was not a fast run but honestly it was pretty effortless and at the end I did not feel as tho I could not go on. 
18.16 km
2:01:27 minutes
6:44mins/km pace.
Even the soul sucking hill at the end did not ruin my run!

Saturday night my friends did throw me a sort-of surprise party (I knew SOMETHING was up) and THAT was a tonne of fun.  Too many shooters were taken in; are they carbs? ;) But I got the Long run out of the way on Saturday for a reason.

Sunday I slept in.  I was awake at 730 but dozed until 10 when I finally got up. Before bed I took Advil and Gravol and actually felt pretty human the next morning.  It was a slow morning tho, since we slept through Drama and Hockey. ooops. We spend the entire YEAR running around; this one morning wont hurt will it?

By noon things were not bad so I managed hockey, which we won, and then after a restful afternoon I did make it to soccer, which we lost badly and had no spares. gross.

Monday is the crazy day at work. I didnt even attempt a workout.  Holly was home from school sick, so she missed hockey practice but even so I still went to Debert and put her team through a really good dryland session before their practice which included

a cardio, a push up, a core strenthener. then we did another cycle.

The cardio things we did were



jumping jacks

high knees

one legged "Mario" jumps

and running

pushups; do increasing numbers of

normal pushups from your feet

diamond pushups from your knees

wide-armed pushups from knees or feet

try a few dive bombers as well

Core work, cycle through


up and down planks



Crunchie Frogs


Downward dog

Runners Pose


Warrior 1, 2, 3, Reverse

Chair Pose

And dont forget Clock Lunges

I did most of these with them. 


Tuesday was a better day although I had a touch of whatever Holly had and it was totally gross.  I had Anatomy lab and the Formalin just about ruined my day :P I got some Gravol and went to hockey at lunch time; I think I sweated it out because I felt better after that; this hockey was at the big arena and I LOVE skating on that big ice. I would love to do it all the time. 

Tuesday after kid pick up I headed out for a run; it was sunny and not too cold...I went up the hill and back down; when I turned at the mail box I realised the wind had been behind me and LORD it was cold!  lol  But it was a good run, 6.67 km in 40 minutes, 6 minute pace including hills!  :)

This was all before the weather changed to NASTY.  The weather on Tuesday was decent.
Then it clouded over and became less nice.  Rain started Wednesday early in the day. RAIN :( I love snow.  The roads around were bad although ours were always fine.  But it was the WIND that was nuts.  The wind was blowing very hard (still is) and Although I run in rain and snow, rain and wind is a bit much for my delicate nature.

so for my scheduled 10 k yesterday I headed to a treadmill.  Its that or dont get it done, honestly.  I hate wind.

Treadmill 10 km and I swear it is harder to run on a treadmill than on a hilly course!  I put on a movie and  I warmed up for 2 minutes and then started jacking the speed up to 15 minutes when I was running 10 minute miles.  Which I ran for 5 miles before I started easing back for the last mile.2, til I was back to running 11 minute miles. FUN stuff. Movie was only ok. I need to finish it.

10 km in 67 minutes is NOT a good time :( But the miles are done and I worked hard during them.

Today its' still windy but really super warm. Im torn between my 5 km run or my bike.  SIGH.

Still mostly On Schedule!

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Char said...

I know what you mean about birthdays and expectations not being met. I've found the birthdays that I've enjoyed the most have been the ones that I've had no expectations of. Yours sounded like a great one - a good run plus a surprise party. And yes, you're excused for sleeping in the next day.

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