Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week 2 is over!

And its going well so far!! 2 weeks in January with most runs accomplished is awesome :):):) its such a busy time and work is long hours and weather is so tricky, short days, plus there is something about January and February that just makes me want to go to bed! :)

I added my activities for the weekend and LORD it looks busy on a calendar.

Friday night was time for me to be a vegetable.  Totally wiped out. Scott took Annika to BBall.

Saturday morning I played pick up hockey at 7 am; cut it a little short to make it to Annika's 9 am game in Debert where we stayed until 230.  Annika's game (won), then Holly's game (won) then Annika had another game (won).  That's a lot of games. So Then I had a game at the stadium, which lasted ages because no one was after us; we played for over an hour :)  Saturday was Cross training day this week!  :):):)

So Sunday morning I woke way too early to send Scott and Holly off to Cape Breton on what was supposed to be a fun day of hockey travelling on a comfy fancy bus; the company instead sent a school bus, and therefore the parents decided to take cars instead.  The games went well but the girls were tired and lost their second game to a team they should have beat. 

I took Annika to a 9 am hockey game in Debert (tied 0-0) and then dropped her off at her grandparents house with Taylor so I could do my long run!  :):):) i had 9 miles on the schedule and decided to go run in Old Barns on the Shore Road to Black Rock.  I thought it might be icey (it was) so I used my winter shoe grippies to make it safer.  they worked so well; no slipping at all on the ice! 
I ran on main road until the Shore Road then was on this dirt road for like an hour, running towards the end until I saw this guy with a dog, and I would have to pass them and then turn around and pass them again and the dog was not leashed so I turned before I was close to them, and headed back. Turned out it was almost just right for distance anyway. 

I tracked the run on MapMyRun on my iPhone and it was pretty wonky; it would say I did a 10 minute mile then 12 minute mile then 8 minute mile...and I was going a pretty consistent speed.  LOL

This scenery was what I was forced to suffer through for most of the 1:39:22 and 9.07 Miles (14.6 km) I was out there. It was chilly but not Cold, I stayed bundled up but didnt feel too hot most of the way. This was actually a rolling-hills route, with lots of long ups and downs. 

That green line indicates the hills :) The blue line is speed; those peaks are the wonky!  :)

Let week 3 begin!


Char said...

Your schedule is insane! Luckily you've got the energy to match it. I don't know how you do it!

Char said...
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