Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 wrap, On To 2013 and a Resolution Run!!

It's been a long time since a blog post was made. Too long to wrap up individual runs and weeks. Just an overview;

December miles took a hit when the business of the end of semester marking/Christmas shopping kicked in. It was hard to get the runs in while attending ALL the christmas concerts and plays and practices and games and parties. Running did not stop; it simply got less frequent and shorter in distance.

December distance was 122.2 km. Not exactly nothing. Actually October was equally sucky and I dont think I felt as bad as I do about December. January and February were lower as well. It doesnt bode well :):) Cross training is going to become very important.

SO I finished the year with a total of 1977.1 km. I could have made that 23 km up anywhere in the year but not in the last 2 days. Which is when I did up the total. SIGH. I was still 177 km higher than my goal for the year, therefore the goal for 2013 is going to be....2013 km. :):):)

Since I technically started training for a marathon on Monday the 31st (cross train day; I played hockey) :) I should log a large number of km this spring. I am using another Hal Higdon training plan, Intermediate Marathon plan (between 1 and 2) :) They have 5 days of running a week, which might be tweaked to 4 over the cold months or I need to find a treadmill to run on. :P

I started off my 2012 runs with a great Resolution Run yesterday; the Why Wait Resolution Run with It was in our local park on snowy trails and fit exactly into my marathon training plan *happy coincidence ;) 6.25 km in about 45 minutes (with stops for photos :))

nutty nuch of snowy day runners

 This counts as my first 5bythe5th Challenge Virtual Run series :):):) Possibly motivational to get one moving at least once a month ;)

Happy 2013!

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Mommy Run Fast said...

Best of luck with your marathon training! I love your goal for 2013 km in 2013. :) Thanks for joining us for the series!

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