Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mid Week 3

What a snowy run I had this morning!  If there had ever been a day for Snow/Ice grippy things on my shoes, this was it!  I don't know what I was thinking.
It snowed last night. Im pretty sure that we got every mm of that 10 cm we were supposed to get!  It's awesome!  Its pretty and white and awesome out there.  I went for a run last evening in the early stages of the "storm" and it was really a lot of awesome then too!  :) OK I like snow and I have no problem running in it.  I consider it an extra hard workout; running in snow is HARD!  Its harder than running in sand because although there is the drag and the shifty running surface that drops out from under you when you go to push off....there is although the potential to slip and fall with every step.  Which I did today!  :):)  So I think of it as an extra boost to the intensity of the run.  Plus its usually not too cold when it snows, and there's often reduced traffic.  Last night we ran on sidewalks (mostly) and had an awesome time despite the snow building up on eyelashes and behind my glasses.  It was a hard run; 8 km on the schedule for day 17 but we completed 9 (can't just stop on the road because you're done;)) took over an hour!  I have to readjust my time expectations for snow runs; they are just hard :) And slippery! 
This morning I have an appointment with my Osteopath so I needed to get my run out of the way ahead of time. I decided to go before work, leaving as soon as the first school run was done :)  And you would think people forgot that it snowed last night.
Roads were centerline bare, slushy on the rest. NBD if one just slows down. As soon as I left my driveway I questioned the wisdom of running where I was. What I needed to do was go to where there were sidewalks.  But I was in a total time crunch, needing to be back and get ready for work (And I thought I was doing the second School run) :) so I didnt have time to go to town just to run. Plus getting all sweaty and having to spend the rest of the day that way because I had already wasted too much time not running early. Either way I ran from home.
My road is quiet but the road it joins is not particularly quiet. And despite the 60-70 km/h speed limit the normal limit there is about 100. It was hardly different this morning.  I found ice within about a minute and slid 4 feet down the hill.  Where are my snow spikies?
I didnt mind stepping into snow past my ankles to give cars lots of room to pass but I DO so wish more of them had slowed down so that I felt safer doing so. Sometimes I was right on the edge of drops offs and still felt the car was going to slide and hit me.  You can see them coming towards you at high speeds, sliding back and forth like playing MarioKarts.  I was in a florescent orange jacket so I KNOW they saw me. Some even think its sport, I bet, to see how close they can come.  and the one fellow who laughed ass off while hitting his tire into the slush and coating me head to foot; I am positive he spent the rest of the day pulling the wings off of flies and stealing his coworkers lunch money.  Karma is a bitch. And dirty slush is....salty just in case anyone wanted to know SIGH.
At one point stepping off the partly plowed edge of the road into deep snow rewarded me with an ice patch and my foot slid away; I caught myself before completely falling but both hands were up to elbows in snow now :) Very graceful. 
It was certainly an adventure.  But after a snow it is so pretty, its hard to be annoyed at the run.  A bit of a wonderland, really.  The run was super slow (had to walk in deep snow in a few places) at 5.16 km in 37:27 minutes.  Ick. But it was a tough workout and its done so I can have my appointment and not owe a run.
Monday; cross train day is rediculously busy so other than a teensy amount of stuff at Holly's Dryland I did very little. I was tho on my feet for like 7 hours at work. 
Tuesday 5 km turned into 6.5 km in 41 minutes. Good run. 
Wednesday 8 km turned into 9 km in 1:01 in much snow.
And Thursday's 5 km was just that...5 km in much more snow. :):):)

Still on track!  It's easier when the runs are not so much long :( Next week these mid week runs get longer and I start to feel time straining more.  Not to mention the increasing time that will be spent on weekend long runs. Time really is a reason why some people will never run a marathon!


Char said...

Wow that sounds tough. But I still want to do it. Before I die I'd love to run in the snow. It's not going to happen here ever so I'll have to get on a plane just to fulfil that goal.

Char said...
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