Friday, January 25, 2013

Near the end of Week 4

Running this week has been challenging.  The cold really set in at the end of last week and some days running outside isnt just hard, it's dangerous.  At least for someone who is as slow as I am, and sweats as much as I do. 
Friday ended up being a no run day. Schedule calls for a rest day and I guess I listened . Figured I was resting up for the next day when I intended to do a long run. 
Saturday was COLD and really snowy. It was SO cold in the morning; got up and went to hockey but near froze at that!  Hockey was fun.  Came home and redressed after some breakfast because I had to get the long run in if I was going to.  Hockey game at 1130!  It was cold, which brought up the question of how cold is too cold to run outside?  I had no other options so I headed out at -18 C with a windchill, to get in the 10 k required for the week. Actually a good time to be a step back week although it was a way big step back, its what I had time for so I did NOT add the extra km I wanted to add.  Stick within the plan! 

I did the over the hill run which is a lot of up and down; it was super quiet with few cars out and things were frozen up so there was no worry of slush and wet. That was nice. IT WAS COLD. But I was warmed up within minutes and had lots of icicles by the end.
Scott picked me up at the bottom of the soul-sucking hill because I ran out of time and needed to get ready for hockey that Holly was playing.  I got in the 6 miles (less than 10 K ) and then caught a ride up the hill. 
After hockey X 2, and a quick trip to see a calf

in a snow storm, Finally were home and able to rest; except for a bit of a walk and stretch in the snowy weather :) In the dark.

Sunday is a busy day with a long run and a hockey game and a soccer game plus games for the kids. So this week, I did that long run on Saturday and so my Sunday morning was just a game for Annika, then house cleaning and marking until my hockey game, then more until the soccer game.  Doing less always makes me sluggish, no exception here. But Monday was MUCH better this week. I was less draggy and exhausted when starting out the week.  Gotta like that. 
Monday still ended up being a rest day.  Its just way too busy, I could stress out and make a 5 k fit in but what's the point?  It would be so stressful! class and work right up to 5 then choices of events to drag the kids off to.  Tournament meeting, hockey practice, Tae Kwon Do, etc.

But Tuesday!  That was back to running (on schedule now) and it was SO cold. Something like....-25 with the wind chill. 
I wimped out. I totally bummed some Treadmill time in a friend's warm dry basement ;)

If the weather keeps it up, I might be spending a lot of time on these things. I just cannot this week face the wind chill!   I did 8 km on this beast in like 55 minutes, running on a treadmill is not nearly as rewarding as outside!  But the run got done!  And I accidently read the schedule wrong (in a hurry) and what I was supposed to do was 5 km so 8 km is just icing! 
On Wednesday walking across campus made multiple body parts scream in pain (nose, cheeks, finger tips) SO I once again retired to the treadmill for my 10 km.  I was much less tired than the night before so I actually felt tonnes better.  The 10 k was not difficult.  Still dull.  I put tv shows on my iPad and distract myself. 
Thursday; still bad weather; Windchill was somewhere around -30 C which is still beyond what I can emotionally deal with right now.  I had such a short amount of time, I went to the treadmill closest to my kid's school, and quickly counted out 5 km.  As fast as I could; it was warm; total opposite from outside, I was running beside a (toasty warm) fire and it was hot.  But so much better than running in the cold!  Frostbite is not my friend!  5 k in 32 minutes including walking warm up and figuring out the treadmill/tv.  There was surround sound; it was kinda awesome! 
Which brings us to today.  It is only - 20 today.  But last night someone signed me up for Run Nova Scotia and Tri Nova Scotia, both associations that I had wanted to join this year!  Now I guess I have!
 And now, with the new bike from last year and the TriNS membership I really HAVE to do a Triathlon this year.  Its REAL!
So I am thinking I will bike in my basement today, and then maybe I will do some core/strength training (hello Tony Horton) rather than running.  Make this cross training. Then a long run tomorrow!  I wonder what I can find to watch on tv....
Mid Week 4 almost end of week 4!!

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Char said...

I think those rest day s are a necessity for someone as busy and as active as you. You have a crazy schedule.

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