Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Marathon Training 2013!

Last Wednesday I decided to check out marathon training plans and I did my week countback to the Toronto Marathon, and when should I start my plan?
Turns out, I need to start it...Monday. Of last week. Whoops.  Conveniently, Monday was a cross training day ( I played hockey) and Tuesday was a 3 mile run (I did the Resolution Run) so I sort of was on track even tho I didnt know it.  But there I was on Wednesday with -25 temps outside, being faced with a  8 km run. This is NOT far. But I was feeling fragile ;) and I had a long day; and I did not run. At all.
My plan says I should have run 5 times last week. I got 4 done. I would blame the weather or our crazy schedules but it is what it is; I will vow to do better.
Breakdown of week 1:
Day 1 Cross Training; I played pick up hockey.  It was a fast day :)  New Year's Eve means we stayed up very late and enjoyed beverages.

Day 2 3 Miles; I did 6.25 km on snow covered trails; it was slow but beautiful ;) counts for extra right? Then I played hockey that night. New Year's Day! 

Day 3 Back To Work Day :P 5 Miles: I did not do that. I did however play hockey, another fast day.  Calling that good LOL. It was cold out.

Day 4 3 miles. I did 6 miles. LOL So off plan; whatever.  10 km on snowy road/trail, it was pleasant and COLD as hell.  Good company. I was really tired from the start. I think we totally got snowed on. Oh yeah and then I played hockey. But I didnt plan to, and I only played goalie so it wasnt too hard.

Day 5 Friday was a weird day since Scott left early with Holly for a hockey tournament and I was not going. That was weird to me. I worked and picked up the kids and grabbed a coffee with a friend, then took the kids home and rushed out for a run before it got too dark. We didnt make it, it got very dark.  But where we went had lights. 7.1 km run was a good stress reliever.  After taking Annika to Basket Ball, I fell asleep on the couch. Tired.
Day 6 Saturday was rest day.  I played hockey in the morning and then we climbed into the car and headed off to New Brunswick in a snowstorm  for the rest of Holly's hockey tournament.  They won their Saturday game so we were there for the night. We went out for a hockey game and a teensy bit of shopping before heading back to the hotel; despite the excellent company I totally fell asleep so early and rather than wake me, Scott went out and socialized without me.

Day 7 Sunday which means Long Run day; these will sometimes be on Saturday but since we were in NB for hockey I knew I was not going to have to save my energies for hockey or soccer later in the day so Sunday was LSD this week.  I was in a strange town with busy roads and it was - 1 billion C so I decided to use the treadmill in the fitness room (fitness room giggle it was SO small).  I had a lot of trouble getting it going but managed to finally get it to speed up and down and got a little elevation on it so away I went.  8 Miles on the schedule (12.8 km) so I took my iPad and set it up balanced on the dial of the treadmill and put on a couple of shows (Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a time, and something else. I cant think what...Something on Global) and watched tv to fill the time. The treadmill was overlooking a window so I could watch the sun rising.  The run felt slow but hard, only 9.5-10 km/hour which is kinda slow; but it felt hard.  It took 93 minutes to do 8.14 miles, 13.1 km, which did include some walking but is over 7 minutes a km.  I do not like that pace; much nicer to run outside.  Im not sure how accurate that was anyway :)
So long run over, it was off to more hockey, and more hockey, and then a sad drive home after losing the championship game with 25 seconds left to play after questionable calls :( then a snowstorm and extended our drive to more than 3 hours :( but we were home safely and did prep for Monday/sleep :)

So week 1 is done for better or whatever ;) Im still extremely tired, not sure why. Kept thinking I would get sick, with the way Im feeling; but no sick yet. Just dead tired.  That is going to make today's 5 km run a little hard. The temps this morning were -27 or so, but it will climb above freezing soon (its already -2) and if I can get a little free time I will be able to run.  Picking up the kids from school soon tho...

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Gaspegirl said...

Which Toronto marathon are you running in? The one in May!??? Please say YES! I am too... doing my first race and would love to watch you cross ... let me know!

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