Monday, June 24, 2013

June Catch Up Post - Johnny Miles, GoTruro Twilight Mile, long bike rides.

It's been a long month since the Cabot Trail Relay :)

Ive done a lot of running since then. 16 runs, actually :) the first actual long run of my new training plan was last Sunday morning and it was 9 miles of doing it wrong. I dressed in a shirt that was too heavy. It was black and hot. And the temp was like 15 at 630 which is really hot. It was "only" 9 miles so I decided I didn't need to carry water and I was really, really wrong. I only had 90 minutes to do the 9 miles which means I had to push it. I was meeting some new people to run with, and wasn't sure how that run was going to go. They are faster than I am and it wasn't a slow run but instead averaged 6:08 mins / km.  One of the others shared her water with me, thank goodness. I was really happy to see the park and the end of that hot run. I need to rethink this long run thing :) Im obviously not mentally ready for the long hot runs yet.

Ive played 3 ball hockey games.

I did a 400 m swim time trial. I finished it in 9:12 which I think is faster than the first time but not super better.

Ive ridden the bike 2 times. oops. Both of them were the longest rides yet. the latest one was almost 49 km and they were pretty hilly ones.

I did the Johnny Miles with all three of my girls :)

The day was bright and sunny, not terribly hot, very nice running weather. We drove over just before the race started, and parked at my aunts house, then walked down to the race start after using her bathroom :) We all had to go again but didn't do the port-a-potty thing and ran with the need :) Holly was miserable! lol We met friends there at the start.

I ran with Annika for her first ever race :) And she was awesome.  Holly ran with her friend Mason, and Taylor ran somewhere behind us.  I did see her at the turnarounds, she looked comfortable. Annika set our pace, and she did not walk for about 2 km :) she had a few breaks after that, didn't love the hills, but kept her walks very short :)  

Little runner :) I told Annika about finding someone in front of you to reel in, and she started picking out people to pass. She liked that.

Just as we were headed for the home stretch, she was getting tired and I told her to pass the lady in front of us, with a black and white shirt on. Annika surprised me with a sprint I had trouble keeping up with, and she passed the woman, sprinted around the corner, and right straight through the finish line! 
I was really proud of her! 

She was really proud of herself as well! Finish time was 32:46. Mine was 32:47 ;)

Holly and Mason finished ahead of us :)

We picked up our lunch and spent the rest of the day visiting family.

Johnny Miles success again this year :)

Since Johnny Miles went so well I dragged the 2 younger kids out Friday night for the first Gotruro Twilight Mile at the local track.  Just a warm up and a mile run on the track :) classic race! 

The littles went first. Youngest kids, then mid kids, then the oldest kids there including my girls :)

Holly claims she didn't race it; Annika might have.

After the kids broke 10 minutes each, Holly with 8:25, the three ladies took to the line, and raced our mile.  I did a steady 2 minute lap, not wanting to push especially hard because I have been feeling like crap lately.  I did my mile in 8:09.  I might have been able to go faster but at this point, not much :( still having some struggles feeling good.

Which catches up to today. When I did a tonne of house work and some tasks around here before heading to a hockey game. A really good one :)

This has just been a super busy month! The kids are finished school today, their soccer has kept us hopping 6 days a week. Training for a triathlon and marathon will be taking up the rest. Having a social life would be fun, good thing I am currently unemployed :)

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Char said...

It's just lovely that you got to race with your gilrs. The photos just made me smile because I know how much I enjoy having my boys at races with me.

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