Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back at it again!

Ok after delaying the start of the training for the Half, and getting mostly over the latest illness, I did run tonight and am on the program.
I was tired. And slugglish. and exactly the way I expected to be after so much time off. SIGH.

Only did 3 km, almost exactly according to the Garmin. In 20 minutes 36 seconds. Not a fast time, will do a quicker run tomorrow night. And ran around town. Finished and walked a bit to cool out, actually a long way lol. Was reminded what I hate about running in town; In places the sidewalks were covered either with 2 inches of ice or 3 inches of icey water. So in places where I could or had to, I ran on the road. and most cars just go around or slowly go by. But this one total ASSHOLE drove straight at me; in fact turned to go towards me; pointing at the sidewalk and mouthing Get on the Sidewalk Get on the Sidewalk. Typical. Id like to see that ass run over the ice water without getting his feet frozen. Share the road, jackass!

And then there were the nice fresh piles of dog crap. On the sidewalk of downtown. Right in front of nice little shops and pretty cafes. People with dogs can be SO horrid. Who could just stand there on the sidewalk watching their dog crap and then walk away? Leaving it for someone else to clean up or worse, someone to walk in. SIGH. It just makes me so mad! Because Ive been the one who stepped in it! Totally ruined good shoes! RUDE! RUDE!

Anyway I cannot wait until we can run on trails again. Yes there is still dog shit but at least we can go around it. SIGH.

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