Saturday, February 28, 2009

So I suck at staying on a schedule.

Supposed to run Thursday or Friday and didnt. Ran this morning it was CRAPPY by the way, icy and raining, dodging puddles, and I was tired and sluggish and watched the Garmin the whole way to make sure I didnt go over 3 km I was just that stinkin lazy! OMG! And the time I posted was bad...It was supposed to be a little faster than the other night but it was slower; likely due to the puddles and ice and walking around them but still, it wasnt a pleasant run and I just got back to my car and drove home without stretching and now Im cranky about it hahahha
SO worth it.

20 minutes 59 seconds
Remember a half marathon is 7 times this distance! !!!!! !!!! ugh.

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