Thursday, December 10, 2009

Before the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

After a long run of 12.8 km on Monday I didnt run again until Thursday, before leaving for Las Vegas. It was dark and cool in the morning when I went and it was nice although running those roads in the dark isnt my favorite thing to do. 4.9 nice slow km and I was ready to go! Everything packed up and in the car, work finished, off to Vegas!
Trip was stressful because of the unfamiliar nature of flying standby which Im now familiar with lol I snoozed a little on the second flight, and by the time I landed in Vegas it was almost 11 their time which is almost 3 am our time; awake for alomst 24 hours and really tired.

What an exciting city; I couldnt sleep at all for ages. Annie was out so I took some photos out the room window and went to bed; only because I was sure I wuld feel awful the next day if I did not.

Morning got up and Went for coffee at about 630 Vegas time. Was good. Annie wasnt feeling well so I went for a run at about 8 to loosen up and stretch. Again just easy running, 5.6 km at a really easy pace. I didnt know my way around so I tried to keep things in sight like familiar landmarks (hotel, MGM Grand, mountains on the same side...) and I didnt get lost. I crossed a few over the street walkways and circled the Block our hotel was on (5.6 km...big block) went around the Excalibur, the Luxor, and Mandalay Bay. At one point the city kinda ended and it was like running in desert. It was beautiful, not too hot, and absolutely awesome for running. Couldnt wait for the half to come! Decided to rest HAHA til then.

That afternoon Annie felt better so we went for a walk through the hotels; we could go through 3 without going outside; we shopped a little and then went to the Race expo (so walked that way twice) which is a lot of walking lol

Race Expo was really excellent with loads of stuff to see and buy. I wanted to buy a sweater like Annie's at Adidas but they were all gone by the time I went there. And there wasnt anything at the expo I could afford. Ok I didnt look hard enough either ;) It was late and we had to leave.

Next day was Saturday and instead of resting we went walking around lol. It was really nice. We went to Adidas and we went to the M and M World and bought candy; Got some facial stuff at Lush and at the least had an early evening.

Race on Sunday morning EARLY!


Gaspegirl said...

How cool is that... running has really opened your world girl!!!!!! I am proud of you ... and just a little jealous that the snow and ice and my Lupus has halted my meager attempt at running. I do want to try it again as I felt so free and active when I was doing it! It all started, for me because of your blog!

Scrappytbear said...

:D That's really nice to hear ;) Im sure you will start again and do what you can when the weather clears! Just challenge yourself! GOOD FOR YOU!

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