Saturday, November 28, 2009

Run ugh

I was right, the weather did get nasty for the week; its not cold at all but so rainy and Im trying really hard not to get a cold or anything.
I tried after 3 days of not running to get a dreadmill run in at home; no one has any business running on THAT treadmill LOL. Walking only.
Saturday afternoon finally got a 6.4 km run in.
Sunday was windy as hell. And I played 2 games of hockey.
So Monday a last longish run; 12 km planned - ended up 12.8 km when I figured might as well be an even 8 miles. Went all the way up College Road and all the way back down Pictou, and back up to the college. It wasnt cold although I thought it was when I left. And Ive some chafe in places Ive not had chafe before. Feet are sore.

Rest of the week should be slow and short. Leave on Thursday.

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Gaspegirl said...

Take lots of pics and share them with us! You will do great and have tons of fun!!

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