Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Frustrating attempts to get runs in

Very frustrating. Time is just too short, particularly to get those long runs in because they take like 3 hours when you count prep time and getting recovered which isnt exactly short.

Planned to run yesterday while the weather was absolutely amazing lol temps of 12 plus, sun, wonderful. Was going to go as soon as some students finished writing a make up test; ugh. extra stuff. They were late which means I was in my office when coworker comes along and says "you're driving for my lab this afternoon right?" ugh and there I was, ready to run, not able to go. :( SO grumpy! lol

I did take the hour I was left with and went for 7.2 km and it was pretty good; the weather really was nice :):):) We dont have many (any?) of those left :(
7.2 km in 45:39 minutes. Was a good run.

So today; back to absolute crap weather with cold (3C), rain drizzle, and yes, that was snow and ice drops on your head. But I planned to run the long run today (running out of time) and I need to do 18 km this weekend so the run just has to happen today.

And I did get rained on. And snowed on. It was really cold. And if I stopped to walk I got really really cold. So I kept moving especially when it was raining.

I felt very sick just before 6 km; wished to turn around; stopped to pee and ate oatmeal bar and felt better.
Felt better at 10 K than 5.
Avg 7:01/km
5 k 34:30
8.2 km 56:41
10 k 1:08:33
12 K 1:23:38
16 k 1:52:11

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Hello from the Green Man Blog! I cannot remember if I ever sent a note over about the "Not Since Moses" article we did. It has a link to one of your blog entries. So if I missed you, here's a link back to that article we wrote:


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