Monday, November 23, 2009

LSD 18 km long

Today was long long day run :) the last one before Vegas RnR half! It was a nice sunny day not to warm not too cool. Quite nice mostly (6C). Ran from home to College Rd to Main and then Park, across into Truro and over to Arthur, up to Brunswick and took that to Prince and home. It was actually about 18.4 km to the end of our road so I went to there :) 18.4 km in 2 hours 6 minutes 52 seconds. No records made today. Very tired and sore now :)
But it was so so much better than last week's freezing cold 16 km run. Much more pleasant. Im a sunny weather runner lol I guess.

Ive been taking short walk breaks every few km although I am not sure after a while that it makes any difference lol. But its the way ive been training; any run over...about 8 km right now gets a walk break.

Ive also on one of these breaks been eating a snack; even when I eat before I leave I find on long runs my stomach gets upset and it helps to put something besides water in it. A granola bar or oatmeal bar seem to be keeping the nausea at bay :)

Right now running with a long sleeved shirt and a light coat seems to be most comfortable; not always but most of the time I dont get too hot but the coat keeps the cold winds out. Gloves have been used; as has a stocking hat. But this past week of weather has been super nice and Ive foregone the extras. I cant imagine what it is going to be like to sweat to death in Vegas next week; its such a change of climate. Drastic. Im planning to take shorts and a tank top, and my RR hat and that should be about it. I might take a sweater that I dont like so I can wear it early (630 ish start could be really chilly) and then toss it away and not worry about whether or not I find it again later (I likely wont). I can plan to just toss it and run away. No one to gather gear at this run. :):)

My current rotation of sneakers might be losing a member; my Gel Cumulus 10's are at 411 km and not feeling the best; my knee was aching today as was right ankle SIGH and I really need to be careful not to get into the trouble I did last spring with the pain in ankles/knees due to the New Balance shoes not being made for me. I wear them around non-running time now. :) Im taking the 11's to Vegas with me.

SIGH soccer game tonight!


Gaspegirl said...

My gracious girl you are dedicated! I really wish you were closer so you could run with me :S I can't wait to see pics of your run... there will be pics, right?!

Scrappytbear said...

lolthere might be photos; I plan to take the camera but Ive not commited to taking it on the run yet; extra stuff to carry and all. I have a friend coming who may take photos for me lol but Im not expecting her to hang around to the end of the run and all:)

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