Thursday, November 12, 2009

Short Run

It took me 3 more days to get out for a run again; busy and been sick with a belly ache so taking it easy and resting a lot; Im exhausted and things are piling up :(
This run was short; I almost dont bother putting on my sneakers for less than 5 miles but I kept this one to 4 miles and tried to go quickly (after warming up) and although times dont necessarily reflect, I did put more energy into hills and faster downhills and had a 42:21 minute 4 miles which isnt awful considering the 10 minute warm up and the 2 km uphill at the start and the .63 km uphill on the road to home; it wasnt a total disaster. But that's a pretty short run :(

Long run is going to be really difficult this weekend; work long day Friday then away all Saturday and Sunday with the swim meet; when is that long run going to happen? :(:(:(

Going to run tonight and tomorrow night (while Taylor swims) and try for a visit with Chris again while I am waiting for her to finish :(

But I need to get that long run in! 16 km this week!

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