Sunday, November 8, 2009

Long Run Sunday back to 14 km

Ugh and it was SO cold! LOL
It was hovering around freezing and the sun went down and I was very sweaty and brr it took me hours and a hot tub to warm up again, combined with my usual post run shivers.

14 km done over rolling hills, 1:33:38 (not horrid time) but pretty achy at the end. ON target for a 2:20 finish in the next half.

10 km time was 1:05: something. That was pretty good (wasnt trying to beat 10 K time lol)

Have a new UnderArmour shirt long sleeves; was comfy and warmer than the Tshirt from the last run. I miss warm weather running. After this half, long runs may be put away until March lol its tooooo stinkin cold to be that sweaty out there for that long! Would a few shorter (8-10km) runs suffice instead? lol

Ah well. Spring will be here soon.

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