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Not Since Moses 2011

Not Since Moses 2011 was not particularly on my run list. Im not sure why; I figured (rightly so) it would not be the same after having the experience of it ending on the island and getting to be boated back to shore after a bbq and exploration.  But for some reason I did start to take note.  I did not sign up for the Miramichi run I had considered, too much work lol.  Some friends were going to the Not Since Moses and because of one in particular (who did not end up running it) I signed up for the 10 K run.  I waited until literally the last moment; about an hour before registration closed I signed me and the kids up for the event; we almost missed our Canada Day fireworks for my signing up!  LOL  Sad! Scott decided not to run any part, preferring to be support staff. 
The day of the run was clear and sunny as could be; predictions were for very hot weather.  We got up early (6 am for a 630 (more like 645) departure) and we ate breakfast on the way to Five Islands.  It's a really pretty drive but I admit I didnt pay too much attention as I always get nervous no matter how not-seriously I am taking the run.  and I was not taking this very seriously; it's never good to hope for a best time when the conditions are like these; beach, mud, rocks, water.
We got to the timing chip pick up spot early enough; I was not enjoying sitting in the field putting on my number tho due to the hundred of little biting midgets (Gnats I think) that were attacking mostly me.  Those little buggers sure can sting; cranky making!   I sat in the car, did some fly spray, got to the very end of the portapotty line, and waited for a bit before finally getting my last pee (considering no one wants to pee on the beach; there is nothing to hide behind out there!)  Runners were being bussed to the starting spot, as parking was a long way from the beach.  Scott and family were going to drive me but While I was sitting there the last bus was boarding and I could not imagine why not just get on it. 
Saw some folks on the bus that I knew, chatted a bit, before being dropped off in a field with a mowed pathway; hard to follow lol I warmed up with a little jog down this path and got to a cliff where we had to go down these stairs to Soley Cove, the starting point for the 10 k run.
Steps to Soley Cove

Soley Cove crowd from the back
Once I got there I saw where all the runners were;) I did take the last bus after all. This was all quite well set up. Still lots of time to warm up and greet folks and of course take photos. The crowd from the bottom of the steps looked big.

Excellent scenery ;)
everywhere we looked it was so pretty!

Very pretty warm up area
The view from the Cove
looking out from the cove to the water beyond; Bay of Fundy. We went left when we started running.

The Cove from the beach looking back
out on the beach looking back into the awesome cove we started at. They just don't make it prettier than this.

View down the beach
looking down the beach to the righ where we had to go.

Waiting to start; I found Lavinia and Crew!
I looked for some friends while warming up taking photos and found Lavinia And family doing the same.

The Carreau Men waiting to start their race
those Carreau's are a fast lot; first in mens and ladies, third man too!
Helicopter flew around us the entire way!
this helicopter hovered over the cove and repeatedly flew back and forth over us and the 5 k runners; I wonder where we would see footage of that?

We were off!  Started out heading left off the cove, through tonnes of mud; turned toward the beach then back past the cove and to Sand Point, the end of the race.
at about 8:45 am it was already hot and they started the race; I kinda wanted to get wet to cool off but there wasn't a lot of water. Little bits. We went left down the beach and around a flower pot before running out to the water and around a weir then cut right and headed for Sand Point and the finish line. We were in mud almost immediately; a lot of the run was over hard flat rock with mud or sea weed on it; this was pretty easy to run on actually. A little bumpy.

Much of the footing was this seaweed covered rock

Self portrait while running
with no one to take photos we improvise, it was super hot and I was not near wet enough yet.
Lovely footing.
My favorite is the sand bar moguls; when you are at the beach and you walk to the sand bars they feel pretty neat but when you are running over them they are shifty, squishy mountains. Some were so high they were like waist or chest height; sometimes they were in series so you had to climb and fall, and I'm not of a height where I could go from top to top or between...had to climb and fall up and down...Fun fun.

Pretty scenery along the way
Despite all the beautiful scenery around us, we were rarely able to enjoy it; the footing required a lot of attention or someone could spend the remainder of the summer on crutches. I did slow to take a few shots and soak it all in; how could you not? Not like I was going to win or anything. But I was surprised at the first water stop when they said it was 5 km done; I was only a little over 30 minutes for time and over that footing, while snapping photos? Not bad!

Watery spot; it got about 16 inches deep for a long ways
more cliffs and rocks and mud and moguls then we rounded a corner and found some nice cooling water; it was about half way to my knees and hard to run in so I kinda hopped from foot to foot through a lot of it. All along the way I was kinda chasing the chick in the purple shorts but about here some guy was behind me and he complained so endlessly I eventually made it my mission to just escape him before he sucked all of my energy away!
Weed covered big rocks; twisted my ankle here.
This was the worst of the footings with big seaweed covered rocks and here I wasn't paying enough attention and I twisted my ankle. It did hurt but I limped a few steps and it was not bad. Once you hurt an ankle it just seems easier to do it for ages; twisted the same one on 2 runs this spring. I need to pay more attention.

My feet :)
Lol could not resist snapping a photo of my feet in the water/mud; thought it turned out well lol.

River to cross
This was the only significant portion of water we crossed near the big of the 5 islands; almost knees maybe? With current. It felt nice and cleaned up my sneakers.
Finish line
Finally the finish line is within reach! Although I should have sprinted i instead took photos *giggle. Not breaking records here! Family and friends were waiting to cheer us in which is my fav part of most runs! Despite my official time being 3 minutes off my watch time, I was really happy with my 1:04 ish run! 20 minutes faster than when I last ran this course! I'm sure that changes every year!

Taylor took some finish line photos for me and it was nice to get to see them! 

The kids Basket Run started a while after I got back and wandered. It was cute. Lots of kids had these bandanas and buffs and I wondered where they got them; someone said they were giving them to the kids but I tell ya I saw more adults and non-running folks wearing them than kids. Cute anyway. The kids all started and Eve lost her shoe righ away; we righted that and then she and Holly went off running ; they did two laps and 1 km in the mud; Holly is a trooper and carried her lost shoe across the finish line. The other kids? Did one lap and collected their medals. I'm pinning my hopes on Holly.

After the basket run we went up to the Sand Point park area to clean shoes (they ran out of water) then we joined the food line. There was entertainment which I was finding loud and the line was incredibly long for food. I think the sun was starting to get to me and I needed to sit for a bit so I left the family to stand for food and I layed beside our car. they had lots of food (mostly) but the wait was way long; I think they did a good job just wish the line could have been less painful. The kids were really good thankfully, making the wait better.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach of course and all headed home sporting wicked sunburns and very sleepy.
Impressions? I liked the run better landing on the island I'm sure my spectators liked it better when we landed on land and they didn't have to kill time waiting for the tide to come back. Way long waiting for various things and too many people not involved in the running part were ahead of us for food and there is little in the way of swag so every bit counts. The shirt was not a favorite. But this is definitely the most fun run I do all year and I will be back for another go!

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Looks like a fun run... I would think that it would have been tough to run with that footing... you did great!

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