Friday, July 29, 2011

Running July into the Ground ;)

July is fast coming to an end :( I am not ready to say goodbye to July, what is usually our hottest, dryest month.  This July has been more chilly than hot, more soggy than dry, and has gone way too fast.  Im very sad about that.  In a little over 2 weeks I will be heading back to the office; way too soon to be leaving the hot summer days for air conditioned shivering.  UGH.  Busy weeks to come too...Exhibition is coming fast with lots of 4H stuff to be done and lots of nights of soccer to boot :)

But there it is, end of July and running is going well.  Despite a lot of pressures that are being put on us.  After my long 22.5 km run we visited my ill grandfather; it was immediately obvious that we were not visiting so much as saying goodbye; we stayed and 1025 that night he passed away, surrounded by so much family.  It was expected but much sooner than we had thought it might be :( Cancer is a bitch. 

Hence my week was all not what expected.  Rather than the usual humdrum days, we had company, visited, spent time hanging out in a fueral home,  my brother came home from Australia, my uncles came from across the country and the states. 

I did run....Im following a new plan that I came across when I decided to do the Valley Harvest Marathon. It's a pretty simple plan, and I might lengthen the mid week runs a little, but I think it's solid and doable for me with the busier weeks to come.  I am doing the Level 2 Beginner Plus schedule :) That's me, Beginner, plus. 
So I had a long run on Sunday and rested on Monday after our very late Sunday night and the feeling of sadness that goes along with losing someone special :(  On Tuesday I was looking forward to some alone time to think and had an early tempo run 8.5 km with warm up and cool down total time was 52:25.  It was super hot and humid already at 7 am, like running through soup.  I interviewed once again for my position at the college; I do so wish they would reword it so it is not a term position but rather a seasonal and I could stop interviewing!

Wednesday after Holly's soccer practice I had my mother drive home with Holly and I ran home with Holly's coach.  We ran into Nick from Cross Country last fall and he ran with us for a couple of km, then we continued on to home and the soul sucking hill for 9.8 km in 57:25. 

Ok back at the post; went out and lived a bit.

Thursday was a crazy get ready and go to funeral home for sad visitation which we do not completely understand....having people cry on you while the man in the box is on display :( But it was nice to see so many come to see Grampie :(
Friday; I selfishly went for a really early run before we had to do the funeral thing; 6.5 km in 40 minutes.  Was hot hot hot.
The funeral was nice; I read a page, cousins took part as well, 6 grandsons were pallbearers, it was nice. My grandmother always keeps it together; but the look on her face throughout breaks my heart.
Friday afternoon was spent with family; evening we came back to Truro with mother and brothers and family and had a nice BBQ which went super well and we got to spend time with Cullen and hear about Trevor's adventures in Australia.
Saturday we were somewhat back to normal; Grammy was still visiting but was away all day and we stayed around and it was hot and nice and I did get in a nice 5 k run that was fast in the morning; 5 k in 28:20 and 5.6 in 33 minutes total.

Sunday the heat let up somewhat and although I would have loved a long run, I had to settle for Vetchecking a horse show, followed by yard work and a ball hockey game that night that, since I had not played since June, kicked my butt a lot.

On to the next week!

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