Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finishing Off July With ISSUES

A little change up in the schedule and the long run became a Monday run :) Got off to a late start; long run preparation is SO much more than laying out clothes and getting a banana; must eat, but an hour before so up earlier, coffee to get things moving, which means needing to pee thanks to the coffee LOL but I really like the coffee....getting gatorade into the water belt and packing a bar, phone, etc. LOL  And after getting up late thanks to a late BH game, I started out about an hour late.

The plan this week called for 12 miles/19.2 km.   Im a little bit off schedule but trying really hard to get on it LOL.  I mapped out 20 km and headed off. I ended up back on the TC Trail in Bible Hill; it's a nice change from the road.  I stopped at the McWilsons for ice water and poured half of it on my head, to the amusement of the demonstrator dudes standing outside trying to push motor oil. LOL  It was COLD in the super muggy weather.  Wasn't feeling great when I finally climbed that HILL to home, but better than the week before.  20 km in 2:07. 

Tuesday was a rest day/soccer stuff. Wednesday a mid week longer run was done, 10.4 km in 1:03 on the 10 km loop.  Thursday "just another run" on the 8 km loop for 8.6 km in 54 minutes (not great SIGH).  Friday was another Ball Hockey game; we had few spares and the other team was not taking an easy win SIGH so legs run right off us.  After the game we went to a movie in the park which was totally fun :) Back to the Future under the stars :) The kids thought that was tonnes of fun :)
We were up really late Friday night; Saturday was a total write off.  Way too tired and busy to do anything. Ended the week with only 39 km. 

Sunday was a sad attempt at a long run.  I headed out with no preparation and no intention of doing the 21 km that were on schedule.  I didnt even take water or eat.  I had to stop and pee part way through, and managed 12 km in 1:15 before heading home.  SO very very tired.  I had planned to finish the long run later in the day; I dont often split long runs but thought I would in desparation.  Plans dont always work out tho and the finishing 9 km did not get done. FAIL.  Ended July with 170.8 km total, unfortunately no cross training. July was a trying month.

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