Monday, August 15, 2011

It's August!

Actually it's mid August. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

Im sitting in my little office and it's the first day back at work.  Over 3 weeks before students will be here to entertain me, I am already finding my time a little slow. And because I feel like I have ALL this time, I am not using it very efficiently.  UGH. I actually have an appointment in a little over an hour LOL!

What have I been doing all August?  Well running,  alot of running. A tonne of house stuff; painting, cleaning, moving stuff....all the things I have wanted to do since April are getting done slowyly.  It's been a busy time for sure. 

August 1 was a Monday LOL.  After my long run FAIL.  Scott was on vacation that week and We did NOTHING.  NOTHING. I spent long hours having quality time with the girls one on one OH that is awesome ya but they were not thrilled lOl ... I ran when I felt I needed to get away.  It rained a LOT.

Aug 1, 9 km normal run, warm temps, 57 minutes.  Nothing exciting.
Aug 2, Holly was awake so I took her with me on the 8 k loop.  She got tired and we walked the last hill; so run was 8 km rather than the 8.6 that loop has become lol. 

I cannot remember Aug 3, we didnt do anything I dont think. LIkely sat by the pool because we did a bit of that this summer too :):):)

August 4 was the start of our Ball Hockey week from Hell. Really who can be expected to play ball hockey that often?  We get WAY too beat up for that.
We had a good run of it; Played 2 games against the same team on Aug 4 and 5, won one and lost one.  It was good.  They are ROUGH and there were a lot of injuries.
on the 4rth I also ran 5.2 km. Cannot remember why that distance or where I went LOL.  Can tell you it took 32:16 minutes.

on the 6th I took our day off Ball Hockey to do a long run.  15 miles on the plan; I took a new road that went pretty out into the midst of no where. It was nice; dirt road for a long way, lots of trees and places to pee; very close to the river which gave me ideas......
After I finished that loop I was sad to have a lot of distance still to make up and had to go all the way to the college and back to home to finish 24.5 km in 2:38:26.  Do not love that Bible HIll run Lol.  I finished before it got too hot and actually felt pretty good most of the time. I ran out of water just before I got home so that went well. Was PISSED when I stopped at a garage and asked for key to the bathroom and the peach faced boy there giggled (yes giggled) and said they had lost the key and I should go to the Tim Horton's down the road, it wasnt far. I looked at him like....You watched me come in, you KNOW Im on my feet and that mile down the road IS far...anyway what option did I have? So I went to Tim's.  After I got home Scott left for his umpiring vacation and I mowed the lawn and painted the trim on the garage.

Sunday the 7th was Another ball hockey game; we won this one and I got a goal, which put us tied for 4rth place for the season; but the tie was broken on Goals Scored which we were dismally behind and we ended in 5th place in the league.  It's all good, we had a good season.  On to playoffs.  Monday was the first play off game against the same team as the night before (gads) and we again won.  YaY!  That was 4 games in 5 nights, with the injuries that go with we were starting to feel pretty gagged.

Tuesday I did a nice easy run on the 8 km loop for 8.6 km in 54 minutes.  I think it was pretty early. Annika had soccer practice and then that night I sent the kids for a sleepover here and there (except Annika who decided to stay) and got the pressure washer for the back deck.

Wednesday Annika and I went to the track with the playground and she rode her bike around with me and played on the playground while I did some intervals:1600 m warm up, 400 M fast (2 mins) 400 M slow X 8, 2000 M cool out. Total time was 58:30 with some pretty slow rests between so not bad LOL pretty boring tho.  After Holly's rainy soccer practice that night I had ball hockey again and we got whipped pretty solid.

Thursday morning (we are up to August 11 now) I met my awesome Cross Country Runners for a trail run!  At least, I met a couple of them. The 9 that were supposed to come turned into 3 hardy little souls who were just my speed and so cute!  What a great little run!  We didnt go super far or fast because my idea is to break them back into it gently (those who have given it up for summer or lent or something) and not have anyone sore or miserable.  But we climbed steadily in that park, and that is a workout by itself. Totally fun run.  4.5 km (maybe?) in 33 minutes.

And after the Parents vs Children game we had with Annika's soccer team, our last ball hockey game. Where again we were soundly whipped by that same rough team as before. I mean really, I DO have to get up and function again tomorrow, and injuries are not a runner's friend. We have beat this team but when you come right down to it, they beat us for Nasty and it's not worth it. Plus this was game 6 in 8 nights and we were just TIRED.  SEASON OVER.

Friday was a rest day Thank God.  A much needed rest day. It rained 4 days out of 5 that week. Weekend was better.
Saturday was Annika's Soccer Jamboree and she had a great time. I got up before they did and did a 5 K.  Took about 30:30 for that.  Nice to get out before the busy day ahead :)
Annika played 2 games and one they lost and one they won. It is super nice to watch her play; she is very intense and fearless!

After the games she and sisters went away for the night and I was alone. And I had NO idea what to do with my time so I visited a friend. LOL I had all these ideas but without the kids it seemed pointless. I layed on the deck...I pressure washed the last of the deck.  I mowed some lawn. But I had no great plans or anything.

Sunday morning I got up later than planned and did my long run. 16 miles on the schedule; I was super hot by the time I was finished. I ran on the trail to Old Barns and did the Black Rock Loop....7 out, 9 around, 7 back. Yup that is 23 km. 3 short of goal. SO I ran back towards town until I had 1.5 km and then back towards the car.  Finished with 26 in 2:52.  Ugh so glad I was able to refill my water bottle at the spring; I was empty by the time I was finished again.
I layed in the shade at the bench til I felt less like a bag of crap, then I headed home. I wanted cold water for my legs but knew i didnt want to sit in the bath tub; so I drove down the road where I ran last week (ideas...right?) and I parked and walked to the Salmon River...and sat down in it.  It was cold...not ice cold but cold.  And I sat til I could not sit on those rocks anymore.  Then I layed on the rocky bank...that was better, it was like 100 little hot round stones all massaging my back at once.  When I was less drippy I drove home.  After eating I felt more human and actually got a few things done before the kids came home, we had company, supper, and I took them to the pool :):):)

Busy first 2 weeks of August!  Now Scott is home and I went back to work this morning UGH that is so going to cut into my running time!  And Im not so much DOING anything.  SIGH. I signed up for some meetings and conference thingies to fill some time LOL!

Bring on the rest of August!

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