Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Post to Catch Up; for starts.

As its been a few weeks since I last posted (totally by accident) I need to cover a few things that are not interesting lol Im not even sure what's been going on since the last post; it's just one massive blur of driving kids around and trying to fit plans into small windows of time.

I did run that day despite being sore. almost 11 km, actually.  I am rocking those little middle distances and crapping out on the long long ones. I got a couple more runs in over the next couple of days; it is good stress relief.  10 and 5 km runs :)

Our ball hockey season continued with a tie against a super tough team. Granted, they had no real goalie, but we will take it.

My road bike returned home and on Saturday I managed a 11 km bike ride between the commitments and yard work and I don't remember much about that entire weekend :)

Sunday I wanted to go in a Duathlon an hour away; with Scott's grandmother passing away the training didn't get done and so not much point in entering a duathlon; so instead I ran from home to Scott's parent's house.  It was a nice run with decent weather.  18 km 2:02:20.  No records broken there.

There was another ball hockey game that night; lost by I don't remember what. We got a goal...4-1 maybe?

Monday was a rest day. First day of summer off.  I took that rest thing very seriously. This is the start of being the mommy taxi for the next 4 months.  The kids are at Badminton/soccer/track/musical/4H most days after school and evenings, and it means 3-4 trips into town for them.

Tuesday I got on the bike for a real ride and Ive no idea why I climbed Harmony Ridge for a starter. It seems like cruel and unusual punishment to start out a spring that way.  Nothing about the bike trainer prepared me for these outside rides.  Ugh and getting used to the Clip in shoes is challenging so Im not spending a lot of time in town ;)
the hill near the start sets the tone :)
After the bike ride I put on runners and did a mile run.  It wasn't bad, except that I ran by my house which is up or down hill, no flat.  And I was really hungry so I only ran a mile :)

Wednesday was a 10.5 km run up the hilly loop :)

Thursday Holly had track.  And I spent a lot of my day there (plus at Chiropractor) so I did not run.  After track there was other stuff. Its always fun. 

Holly did 100 M and 400 M and had solid PR's in both :)

I got in 8 km on Friday and almost 10 on Saturday then another mile with Annika on our road; And Sunday was Mother's Day!

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Char said...

Holly's got some nice form there. Congrats to her on her PRs

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