Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The week in a flash

Because there was not much to it.
Tuesday I went to the new pool in town. It's actually quite awesome.  Clean and bright and sunny! Or it would have been, had it not been raining. Im sure someday I will see it as it was meant to be. Sunny. I warm up a little and then did 100 m repeats. for no reason. Only had a little time so I did a km and then ran to get kids.

Wednesday I got up and did a bike ride, no BRICK. I was SO hungry at the end.
Nice rolling hills, was pretty tired at the end. 35.27 km, 1:37:03 time, 21.8 km / hr. speed that's super slow SIGH.

Thursday was a run around BH with Toni. It was a chilly rain. Nice.

and Friday I rested....except for a Ball Hockey game which was rough and we didn't win but I got a couple of nice bruises and a sore foot from it. 

Because Saturday we went to Cape Breton for the Cabot Trail Relay :)


Char said...

You're a terrible blogger - you're supposed to take photos of the bruises and post them so we can be horrified at the pain you've endured and wish you a speedy recovery. Yeah, I'm weird in that I like seeing injury photos.

Scrappytbear said...

LOL I can still take photos of one of them; it's lovely and all the colours of the rainbow ;)

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