Sunday, July 12, 2009

Still in Limbo

8 days and counting to the next training schedule - right on track for the Valley Harvest Half Marathon on October 11!! As long as Scott doesnt mind spending our Anniversary hanging out in Wolfville lol.

Went to the Pictou County Run for the Lobster this morning with Lavinia. Despite the On Site registration I resisted signing up; haven't run enough in the past 2 weeks, would have had a poor time, and the shirt wasnt that great lol. Not in a Race sort of place right now with having taken a lot of the past 2.5 weeks off :)
So while she raced her butt off (winning the 10 K race) I did a couple (4.3) km around the town trying hard to avoid the racers without knowing where the course was going. There was a lot of hill which I ran up and down, got a little bit lost, and got back to the race site a bit after Lavinia finished. Meant to see her finish :( she said she was a little out of it when she was done; very hot and tired. :(

After getting a bit to eat and drink we did a couple of slow km UP ANOTHER HILL and back down to keep moving and cool down. That was kinda nice, lots of talk about nutrition and relaxing stretch of muscles. Gotta remember to do that more often because it felt really nice. I am guilty of neglecting warm up and cool down.

Working out the training schedule this afternoon and trying to find some races to match up with the schedule dates. Can do some adjusting but it would be nice if things would just fall into place lol. there are NO 15 km races around here at any time including the 20th of September...hahha might have to just do another 10 K on that day. Going to do a 5 K around the beginning of August; not sure which one because I wanted to do the 6 mile Natal Day Run (too far and wrong day) and there is a 5 K Lung Association run on the 9th (right day, right distance lol) and a 10 K at the end of August; Cobequid 10 K falls on just the right day :):). Got all my LSD runs and week start/ends all stuck on the calendar. Should put to paper. Cant remember to check calendars!

So not sure what to do this week. I should follow a modified version of the Schedule I will be using for this last night relaxing week just to start the habits. Throw in some cross training :)

Whatever will be.

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