Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 64 of 84

20 days to Half Marathon. 20!!!!!

Long slow run today in less than perfect weather.
It was extremely windy and raining this morning with some pretty chilly temperatures and a wind chill! I waited (no get up and go) until the sun came out and the temperature came up a little, then headed out.
Lots of hills at the start, up Greenfield Road and onto Greg Road. Turning onto Old Greenfield Road gave some much needed downhill. But where it joined Valleydale Road, the wind kicked in.from there, all the way up Valley Road, and onto Pictou Rd. This was actually the absolute worst part. Straight, lot of long up hill, and wind straight in my face. I thought at some points, I was running backwards. It was the hardest 3.5 km ever.
After that it was hard to recover but running must go on so I made it back home for a nice 14 km finished. I actually Might have been able to go further.

1:36.51 time - pretty good considering!
4159 kJ burned. (1098 calories)
Avg 6:55 min/km Max 5:13 min/km
5km - 33:55
10 km - 1:08.22
13 km - 1:29.26

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