Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 67 of 84

What was supposed to be a short, quick run became a long long day lol
After dropping 3 awesome kids off at school, I drove to the gym, parked, and went for my run.
While doing my 1 km warm up before 3 km of 400m speedy 100m rest, I ran into Tonya who said she might try to run with me this morning ;) I was SO glad because to be honest, ive been a little lonely lately. Running is a lonely sport. Im not complaining about my time to think and reflect (ya whatever) but some days I am just lonely.
So we ran a great loop just kinda wandering the streets, then we ran UP Young Street; that hill is awesome! hehehe and long! and perfectly situated in my run. Poor Tonya, it was the end of her run. But she did well and climbed the whole thing beside me! HILLS ARE YOUR FRIEND.
From there I left her and ran down and back to the gym where I did half hour of arms and back weights, then showered and headed to the kids school for Holly`s class trip; at the park we walked for like an hour through the trails.
Now Im rather sleepy. That is a lot of sun and fun for one person!

6.4 km in 44 minutes including one big ass hill.

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