Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24

Back on the running wagon after 2 days of complete rest. I figured I deserved them after that long run. Actually its just been busy :)

Hiked in the park with the kids this morning. That is never a fast walk but it was interesting on a neat trail that walked along the ridge of a cliff (OK not a really high cliff but someone falling off would have been severely harmed lol). We saw a deer in the river below and it actually came up the hill towards us, veering off ahead before the dog we were with chased it behind us. It was quite close.

That hike took about an hour.

After spending the afternoon at a kids party with lots of water we had supper then while Taylor was at soccer I ran a slow 5 km run in 35:11. Calves are still a little tight and because my good sneakers are still soaking wet, I used the New Balance sneakers which I gotta say still cause a lot of ankle pain. Ugh. I dont know why I even bother; I should wear my really old Asics instead.

It was hot. I mean Hot. its 25 C with humidity of 74% so feel like temperature is 33C. Muggy. Air like soup. Struggled to breath on some of the hills ;) Also found a nice trail over by the practice field that I am going to follow next week and see where it comes out :)

Nice to be back at it. Although the 2 day break was nice too.

Now showered and cleaned up and contem

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