Sunday, June 21, 2009

Johnny Miles Half Marathon Day 84

The Big Day arrived after little sleep and following some emotional days before :( It is good to have a little distraction these days. If you can call running 21.1 km a distraction.

It was raining already when we left the house to go pick up friends. Mother stayed here with the kids to come over later and Scott and I went and picked up Lavinia, Tonya, and Sarah to head to the Johnny Miles Running Weekend Event in New Glasgow. We were running the 10 K, 5 K, and Half marathons.

Rained while we geared up. Rained while we waited in lines, had water, and peed 3 times. Felt very rushed...will certainly get there earlier next year even if we dont have to. Didnt have time to warm up!

Yes, did not warm up. Bad bad runner.
The start was crowded and chaotic again. lol

Oh and all the photos are blurry ;)

the route is a little hard to follow but there was a loop for half marathoners, another for full marathoners, and none for the 5 and 10 K runners. Then the large loop is for everyone; half of it for the 5K runners, full loop for 10 K runners, 2 times the loop for half runners, and 4 times the loop for full marathoners.

The small 1 km loop was kinda fun, up and around the sobeys complex, back down and through the start area again. This is on our way up the big hill right at the start. Scott totally missed us and snapped a blurry photo :)
Through that loop now and onto the big loop for the first time. :)
The loop goes all the way up the road past the highway and then turns onto the Albion Trail that goes along the water. VERY nice running, but the rain was POUNDING at this point, turning parts of the trail into swamps and slick mud. Stepped in more than my share of puddles but was still having fun there :)
The loop takes you back down the back side of the start/finish area on the trail. I was running with this lady for a while; never got her name tho, lost her a few km later. This was about 6 or so km in.
Through start/finish

Next is a loop from the other end of the trail around a street; this was a hilly spot that was pleasantly easy the first time around. Thank goodness for all those hills I had practiced! lol
Took time for a potty break here; it was quiet and quick and about half way finished.

Back through the start finish, and the loop starts again. I didnt see Scott after that point although I would have given my left arm for one of my yogurt drinks or even those Energy Beans lol he had vanished into thin air.
The second time around was a little more rough; raining heavily still, my feet were very heavy and wet and my feet were slipping around in the socks so there was friction and a lot of impact that isnt normally there. And besides, wet feet are very sensitive lol. It takes a lot more energy to plant a foot that is slipping all over the place than to just take dry steps. Right up to the next time through the start finish was ok; I found Scott and wanted a yogurt but he couldnt find one and I didnt want to stop in case I wouldnt get going again.
The last 3 km was tiresome. Back on the pavement, wet feet pounding, stride rough, guzzling gatorade. I had picked a lady in a red shirt to follow and pass Miles ago, and at about 3 km left I passed her and stayed in front of her. Nearing the end, found family again. Only a few feet to go; found some energy to sprint! There was this fellow who decided to pass me and I didnt just want to let him so I totally sprinted! LOL I dont know who actually passed over the finish first but it was close. See the chick in the red shirt?

After the run there was medal and chocolate milk (important things lol) and family and a free massage so I took that in :) While I was on the table in heaven with my aching legs being massaged to comfort, the fellow who won the full marathon came 2:40 ish. 16 minutes after me. Twice the distance. Sigh.

Enjoying a little post-race moment :) the "we did it!" moment lol!


Ali P said...

You are beautiful.

Gaspegirl said...

Congratulations girl... you ROCK!

grammy perkins said...

I was there to see you finish the run, and I couldn't be any more proud of you than I am right now. I have always been proud of your accomplishments, now a crowning moment. Love you, Mom

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