Saturday, June 5, 2010

20 K LSD

Ugh done.  Done like dinner!  But not as nice.  It was a struggle.

Im still kinda weary although Im sure its improving right? Had some company this morning as Sarah joined me for most of the 20 k.  Those km go by a lot faster when there is company.

We kind of left about an hour later than I had planned. Could not get moving this morning. SIGH.  THe sun was out and it was warm.  HOT when we started at 8 ish am.  (or later. LIkely later.)  So we were very sweaty.

Started out nice, pace was a little slower than usual but Im still tired and since the Cabot Trail is over Im rewarding myself with a nice slow long run for the first time since February.  And I dont want to be this worn out next week and the week after because the Johnny Miles Half Marathon is in 2 weeks.  And Sarah was more than willing to be my pokey running mate this morning. 

Did a little climbing on Salmon river Road then a little downhill on Valleydale.  That was the end of the nice :):) it was HOT and there was no shade for the rest :)
Greenfield Road up to Harmony Ridge was one long long climb.  Really from the start of the run to the end we did about 12 km of climbing.  It wasnt constant climbing thank goodness...there were some rolling hills to relieve us slightly.    Then back down the other side which was nice but going down can be tiresome too.  At the end of 20 km I was beat.  But a few minutes of walking and I do believe I could have gone further.  We did a lot of walking on this run...10 minutes run 1 minute walk most of the time.  Itwas good with all that HOT.  I totally ran out of water.  Jelly Beans at 5 km, half a granola bar at about 11 km.  RAN out of water. Bad bad bad . May have to go out and start planting water bottles all around the neighborhood.  Cannot be running out of water!

So 20 km done in 2:18:30 Im aware of the sucky time but this was my reward for the rough training and Im sure I will recover faster and be able to play ball hockey tomorrow night and get a run in tomorrow to boot. Its all good.

On the downslope to the Half marathon now!

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