Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bad Bad runner with a Race coming up!

lol Ok so I felt great after my LSD on Saturday of 20 km. I really did. I came home and did some cleaning, got up Sunday not sore, did more cleaning, played ball hockey...all good.
Then Monday happened.  I went to a Boot Camp in the park.  Ugh.THEN as if that wasnt enough I went to Ball Hockey pick up. That was great!

Tired Monday night.....starting to stiffen.

Tuesday Im a zombie. I am tired. I can barely walk.  So what did I do?  Horseback riding.

All that moving and holding a posture took its toll and I was so tired when I got home from soccer I went right to bed. 

I guess I just dont know when to stop.

This morning I got up and dressed appropriately and I decided I would do Yesterday's run of 6 km. Today called for 12 and it was more than I could face.

But the weather was lovely and the run felt good and thanks to a trail I took a route I had not planned on and Voila 12 km done.  Albeit without the 4 intervals called for but gads what can a girl do?

Planning a run tomorrow and Friday and then Saturday is too busy for running ;)

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