Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tempo Run

Guess Im wandering a little unsure about a plan to follow; tonight I did the run that was recommended in the Running Room book for Marathon Finishing...6 km tempo run; but Im not married to a plan yet. Tomorrow Im going to have to run early before going away for the afternoon/evening and I hate that I had to run tonight (busy and humid/hot) and then early tomorrow morning (only a few short hours later) to get the runs in and am I going to start to resent the runs?  Its early yet for that. And marathon training can take so long!

6.4 km tonight in 40:25 minutes including warm up and cool out and hilllllls. love hills. 

10 km tomorrow?  We will see.

Tomorrow is half way through the year and Im at 745 km for the 6 months so far.  Looking good for being half done!!!!!

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