Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yeah, just like I knew I would be...just Weary. It usually takes me a while to recover from a race or extra effort; not that Im hurt or anything, just extra weary. Long runs arent nearly as hard on me. Added to the fact that I have a cold and all I want to do these days is sleep.  My bed callllls out to me :)
Despite that Ive dragged my butt out in the rain again today to run 8 km steady pace (whatever that means) I took that to mean I would just run and not do intervals and not do tempo...and not do anything. just ran. It was nice, in a way.

8.4 km in 52 minutes; if I had run 100 meters more I would have a nice 20 km for the past 2 days; Im resting tomorrow and running a 20 K LSD on Saturday so I can attempt ball hockey Sunday night :):)Plus the weather should be better Saturday than Sunday.  Although I do not at all mind running in light rain.


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