Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just another run

Feel like Im just putting in a little time here now; waiting for the half next week.  The weather has been hot and dry for a couple of days and Im thinking if it is this warm for the half I might have my worst time ever ;)  I better aim for water at the water stops because I do not want to dump gatorade on me ;) But I will SO dump the water glasses on me ;)

Simple little 8 km run today (6 scheduled) I did my Valleydale loop which is about 8.2 by the end.  Its just a nice loop with some shade even on roads.  Lots of hills but not really anything major.  I felt good by times, tired others.  Ended in under 54 minutes so not a best time but I did walk once when really hot and I also started out slow.  Heat is having its effects. 

Funny after all these years and kms run Ive never had trouble with dogs until this month. And now for the third time I was chased by a dog this morning. I told it to go lay down heehehe the things you try. then some human came out of the house and called it off.  Couple of days ago I was on a busy street when a dog came flying out from behind a house and onto the road; it actually hit my leg but did not bite; but I jumped sideways and almost landed in the path of a truck. Really wise.   No one called that dog back home.  Grr. I will SO not be impressed if Im bitten. I might start to carry pepper spray for the dogs!

Taper week this week. Have to check the plan :)

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