Saturday, June 26, 2010

Run into town

to the Farmer's Market; should have been about 4 miles; Scott was to meet me and we were going to go to the market and wander around :)

It was sunny when I left the house but I got rained on part way there; it wasnt cold and not too wet. But then was the train. SIGH on Queen street, a train.  A nice, long, VERY slow moving train. Rather than hang out in the rain, I turned back and went over the CN Bridge.  Then I missed Scott and kids at the gas station (didnt know they were there) and ended up running to the Farmer's Market and totalled 8 km (5 miles) for the day. Little more than planned but it was such a nice day; little windy.  48:20 minutes. 6:02 pace.

Long run tomorrow planning to take in part of the park for some trail km.

Interestingly, at the Johnny Miles expo I had filled out a ballot to win free race registration for the CrossBorder Challenge next weekend.  Got an email this morning notifying that I had won the registration :) I wasnt sure I was going to go in the race but with registration paid, of course I would go, no sense in letting it go to waste!  Im sure other people would have loved it also!  So next Saturday morning I will be paclking up good and early and heading to Amherst to board a bus for the challenge :):):)

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