Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stats and another run

Ended the month of May with a 165 km month and total about 584 km for the year. Still a little behind; need to have another good month in June to do a little catch up ;) Loads of km in my future ;)  May is my runningest month to date; previously I was around 120 km for a month so that is a HUGE up.

After wimping out on yesterday's 6 km run in rain and with a cold that had kicked my ass, I got out today and did the scheduled 11 km with 3X1.6 km intervals.  I ended with 11.5 km in 1:13:30 no complaints.  Body seems to be more or less normal although tired and cold has moved to chest with a little cough; crossing fingers its already past its worst!

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