Friday, June 18, 2010

Error in Judgement and a Weather Watch.

Again. I do this all the time.  Ugh.  But it was totally fixable it just took some discipline.

I was supposed to run Tuesday and Wednesday and take off Thursday and Friday.  That's part of my taper.  I wanted to run with Tonya on Thursday and so I rearranged. I was even dressed to run on Wednesday morning but I changed and went with Thursday morning. Wednesday was sunny and beautiful.  Thursday there were no such promises. But that was the plan I went with.
Dumb dumb dumb.

Because I forgot that I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning right at the time we were to run. And Tonya could not wait. She's a busy person.  Luckily Im a lady of leisure and I have nothing else to do.

I intended therefore to go before the kids had to go to school. Like at about 530-6 am.  And I went to bed nice and early and got up nice and on time. And it was raining. And I didnt have supper the night before.  So I was feeling nauseated.  I did not run.  I didnt feel it.  I was like Shit what now?  I knew I was not going to feel like running after the dental appointment.  I mean you know you are getting old when your old fillings are worn down and need replacing. Crap.  And it sucked lol.

After the dentist we went to Halifax to say goodbye to my beloved car and got into our new one to drive home. Its a freaking automatic SIGH but it has leather seats and seat heaters which I will love this winter and it has a sun roof. To be honest I liked the Forrester best. But we would have had to deal with our old CRV for like 3 months to get the deal they offered...and I mean its no good to save a little money to spend it on a 3rd car for 3 months. Didnt work out. So we have the new CRV.

So we come home and get the kids from school and I had a little bitty nap and we went to soccer; Holly had a game at the same field and the same time that Annika had a practice (miracle!) and we watched them both yay! Holly scored 2 goals as her team won 4-3.  Then I ran home.

I dont usually like to run in the evening; Im usually tired and cranky and want to get the kids to bed on time. So this is where the discipline part came in.  It would have been so easy to go home in the car (the new car) and get the kids into bed. But I went and did the running IN the rain (love warm rains and it was warm) and I did 6 km at race pace.

Now I dont really know what Race Pace is hahahah I cannot do 21 km at the race pace the book predicts after the training I did.  Im like....I dont get it. I did what the book said. Should I not be able to do the pace it predicts? But I cannot. So Im not going to beat myself up. I ran that pace for 6 km and did that in 35 minutes which is fine with me at this point.

Then Scott came and picked me up timing was perfect because I was going to walk for 1 minute and then continue running til home but he drove along and picked me up before the 1 minute was done. (see? perfect timing).  And I called it a run done.

Resting today and by resting I mean Im going to do housework and gardening and going to play ball hockey tonight.  Really great rest.  The tomorrow is a short slow run to loosen up for the half on Sunday!  Its here! SIGH.

Weather watch:  It has bobbed back and forth; at the moment we are looking at sunny with clouds and a chance of rain (whatever) oh hahahaha I see some lightening on the forecast now FUNNY Wind forecast has dropped yay and temperature has dropped to about 23 (bearable).  It has actually improved despite the lightening hahahhahaha

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