Thursday, June 24, 2010

Run with Holly

Ran the 8 km loop this morning with Holly along for a bike ride, She loved it although the traffic made her nervous, I guess the best way for her to learn to drive her bike on the road is to go with her :)

After the Tuesday run and Ride on the Horse I was sore (from riding the horse; outside of lower legs and inner thighs from unaccustomed positions) so took a rest day on Wednesday (ok Wednesday was just really busy) and ran Thursday instead. Nice 8 km in 52 minutes with a couple of stops for traffic on the bike (big trucks are scary).

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Gaspegirl said...

Hey there... I have not ventured out to run lately (actually not for over 1 year) but we are nearly done the P90X and then I am taking the summer off (of P90x) and just biking and running. I am no where near ready for a "real run" or race but when I am I will ask you where to go and we will join forces once again. I do believe that the P90X has improved my stamina enough to be able to improve my running but I will only know when I get out there and try it!

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