Sunday, June 27, 2010

LSD Run Ughly.

Didnt really go out with a plan this morning. Big Mistake.

I had planned a really long long run, keeping in mind the 16 miler in 2 weeks, and never having done that distance....Someone suggested it was overtraining and maybe a slightly shorter long run was needed.  We did just do a half marathon last week.  I was undecided.

Woke up kind of cranky and irritable with tight, aching hamstrings and ankles. Maybe ball hockey 2 nights ago was brutal; covering someone really fast and trying to screw them up might have screwed me up ;) lots of start and stop and change direction and sprint.  it worked but Im really sore. Or maybe it was the weeding Ive done in the past 2 days.  Unaccustomed to all that bending and reaching?  either way any sore that I was yesterday I was worse today.  All the stretching in the world  was not going to cure that.

I got up late.  I intended to get up around 7 and at about 630 I put my head between the pillows and didnt wake until 820.  SO tired. Wanted to go right back to sleep but forced myself out of bed.  Got coffee going, got some breakfast for meself and the littlest of the littles, and set about preparing to run. It was cool at only 13 C. 

Got distracted. Did some house work. It rained.  Considered not going until tomorrow but tomorrow is supposed to be super rainy. And I know what happens when I put off runs; I never get to go on them.  And if Scott is milking in the morning I wont get out til late anyway. No putting it off.

I left the house at 1125 am with the temps rising and humidity 100% and a plan to meet Scott at the park in an hour and a half. What was I thinking?

Got about a km down the road and decided to change the plan.  Took a different route, across the highway to Brookside Road and through Bible Hill.  And mostly felt pretty ok.

But did not factor in Irritability.  I wore the Johnny Miles shirt and it was very slippy....with the water bottle belt it was unbearable; the belt would not stay in place and chafed in weird places.  The shirt was pulling at my neck and felt like it was pulling my shoulders down. It was just SO irritating!  Ugh.  It really took a lot outof my stride and a lot of energy to keep righting that belt and being so annoyed with it. I really considered tossing it. 

And I forgot my phone. So no calling for an early pick up.

I changed route again to cut off some of the miles because I was cranky.  And starting to feel really tired. And despite drinking water, feeling kind of cold and nauseated. But mostly cranky ;)  So I was then shorting on km for the long run but missing the park and starting to get super slow. And it was a pretty hilly route.  and I was short of sleep. Really it was just a bad idea.  Oh and I was hungry.

Did finalllly get to the park where Scott had been waiting since finishing his own run in the park. I bet that was nice.  Shady.  By the time I got there I was just done with the run. I had walked a few km before for a drink and getting started again was a total struggle.  I have not had such a poor run in a really really long time.  UGH.

18 km in 1:56:and something nothing to write home about but I guess bad or not, they are km in the book.  12 km off my goal of 750 km in 6 months. I can get there by Thursday. Im not sure I care anymore.  Its just been one of those runs.

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Gaspegirl said...

I totally get how your mood changes your results when it comes to something like running (or biking or P90xing)... it sucks but you made the most of it! Today is a new day... new opportunities!

Make it a great one!

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