Saturday, June 19, 2010


is the half marathon. I do not seem to be taking it very seriously.  I did not run today. UGH!!!

The weather gods have heard me; latest forecast for morning is lovely clouds and 18 C.  Gonna be awesome.

Back to that not running; by the time I even got up (first time sleeping in past 630 am in over a week) it was hot and I had to take Holly right to a soccer clinic and it was hot and then I came home and Scott left and was gone....most the rest of the day; there was no time and it was HOT.  LOL more hot than usual.  Out of the blue. Our weather changes way too fast.

Now I could go run now, but Im actually concerned that it would make me too restless and not sleeping well.  And the marathon starts in less than 12 hours. I need sleep.

SO I guess Im doing the half with no cob web run. SIGH.
Im sure it will be fine.

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